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Hi all.

Can anyone tell me if they have seen the nebuliser that is going on sale tomorrow in Lidl's. They advertise it as "Vibrating

diaphragm technology for high nebulisation and short inhalation time" It continues by saying there is an extensive range of accessories including mouthpiece, adults' mask child's mask and more. Batteries and storage pouch included, and, it is ideal for travelling. It comes in at £29.99. I'd welcome some feedback please.


Happy New Year to you all. xxx

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Sounds an absolute bargain, vibration is marvellous for shifting gunk on the lungs! I was given a piece of thick plastic tubing in hospital to blow into a glass of water, creates a deep vibration and it certainly worked, not a miracle cure but really good. Only thing is, if you are not using a home neb at the moment, whether your gp will prescribe the salbutamol nebules for it, or if it's just to use with saline nebs, I could be wrong but I think they're prescription only too. If you're already a neb user I'd say start forming a queue at 6am!! BTW, this is no way professional advice! Libby x


Hi,I agree it seems like a great buy but you will need your GP to prescribe the salbutamol to use with it. So it's fine if you already home neb user. I think these nebulisers have been around for a while but. Know when I looked in to them a few years ago you could not use them for steroids or antibiotics . So go for it if you will use it for salbutamol or saline

Again this is just what I have found, it is by no means professional advice.

Good luck

Soft hugs


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According to the Lidl website it is on sale from the 6th January.

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It seems to be the same model as the Beurer IH50.

Description, instructions,etc, here.

Youtube video.