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Its the weekend of the two Forests and 'Dall05 v Kingofthecocktails' :)

Tonight my local side Hereford united are playing Forest Green and I'm going to watch even though the temperature is going to be close to freezing. I will wrap up and keep my breathing shallow, I do seem to be able to stand the cold air much better this year so fingers crossed.

This leads me into tomorrows match where my other side Leeds utd are playing the Kings side Nottingham Forest which should be good for a bit of good old fashioned banter. Seeing as the game is at Nottingham I'll predict a narrow win for the Leeds 2-1. I'm sure the King will have something to say about that. :)

Come on Hereford and Leeds don't let me down!!!!


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Keep us posted, dall05 x


Enjoy,not into football but my sons are so I appreciate what you are saying


Hi Tony. Do you think King of The Cocktails is ill. We don't seem to have heard from him for a while. I was a bit worried. X


Hi Mavis, I am hoping that the King is away for Christmas visiting family but like you I am concerned that we have heard nothing. Its unlike the King to be offline for so long but I'm sure he'll be back soon with his great sense of humor.

Tony xx


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