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only diagnosed mild copd nov 13

had breathing problems going up stairs and walking fast

little down ,told had lung infection given pred but told only take if need be

so didn't take at all seemed ok got second lung infection

now taking pred and feel wonderfull 40mg per day 7 days

10 year back pain gone can move freely no breathing problems

no side effects

want to take tabs i didn't take before maybe 20 mg per day till see doc 3 jan

good or bad

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Steroids are great, but I would consult someone before you take anymore did you have any antibiotics.

Kim xxxx


yes taking doxycycline too


keep to what you are prescribed .and just enjoy the freedom of no pain ....keep an eye on infections good luck happy new year to you all :)


Hi mickey, I would stick to the prescription, you may feel good off them, but they aren't a pill to be messed about with! Glad you are feeling well though : )


As the others have said prednisolone is not to be messed with. Only use it under strict control of a doctor, misused it can literally kill you. If you do carry on using them make sure you tell your GP so he/she can adjust your dosage accordingly. It's not using them that's the problem it's withdrawing that can cause problems.


Only take meds as prescribed. As others have said Preds are not to be messed with.

Best wishes


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I have been on steroids and antibiotics all over Christmas and will need another course as I'm no better but you are right no back pain its fantastic but when you come off them the comes straight back.


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