Whats your favorite Christmas present this year?

Whats your favorite Christmas present this year?

The best presents are often the inexpensive ones. My favorite this year is my ELO CD 'all over the world'. I'm listening to it now with the headphones on as I type.

I hope your all having a rocking good Christmas week taking us through to Jools Hollands Hootenanny on New Years Eve where the line up looks a good mix as usual. Its amazing how good everything sounds after a few southern comforts, you should all try it. I know it dosn't mix with the pills but for one night only it has to be done.

I've ended up in Hospital over the last two New Years with chest infections so only days to go and all is well, this time I'm determined to be at home with the family .

Tony Keep well all you Healthunlockters and we'll all have a great New Years Eve Party at home OK! :)

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Great CD Dall but my favourite gift was spending time with Pete, the family and our grandson Jack who is 18 months old and such a character. Priceless! xxxxx

My onesie from my sister it's fabulous.

Kim xxx

I got to say my daughters 101 Dalmatians onesie and my sons Batman one makes me laugh everytime.

My sons about 6 foot tall which makes it all the more funny. :)

Tony xx

Hi dall05

Yep mine would be just being here ... an not in hospital

Cheers all the best :)

Last New Year I was put on the trauma ward as the respiratory ward was closed with the norovirus. It was a room of 4 beds and I was on my own, they were expecting it to fill up later as the accidents from excessive drink came in but only one joined me early next morning. His face was badly smashed up from falling over trying to get home very drunk but he was able to see the funny side.

I would rather avoid all that and stay at home this year eh Daz. By the way I like your makeover Ha Ha.

Tony :)

Hi cheers ye would agree with you there .. yep thought a would use more fitting profile pic

Cheers :)

Daz I'm sorry to hear your in hospital all the best luv lets hope your out for the new year. x

One of my presents was having christmas dinner cooked by my daughter as she know i couldnt do it , then spending all day with family .:-)

Nice one zaney, you can't beat spending Christmas with family can you.

My favourite present may seem very boring to anyone else, but it's my son donating some of his well earned Christmas break to make up my new furniture! One item done, two more to go, and then he needs to wax it all!! Have been wanting this furniture for so long but had visions of the boxes standing in a corner forever and a day, so when he asked what I wanted for Christmas, for once the answer was very easy and I got it ordered and delivered pronto. Southern Comfort Tony, that brings back memories, I used to love it - probably too much lol! I had 2/3rds of a bottle of real ale on Christmas Day and was pie eyed! Cheap date, me! Libby x PS Beautiful picture..

Time is the best present you can give anyone

My favourite present seeing my young family and knowing they are well

Hi Everyone

I find the Christmas’s that stick out the most for me are never related to a present that I got but more around what we did on the day. The talking, eating together and silly games we play and how the Playstation has brought Christmas ritual humiliation to a whole new level!

For the first year ever I had to spend Christmas alone due to my recently diagnosed Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis for which furry animals are currently suspected of triggering it. As all my family members have furry pets I am no longer able to go into their houses so had to make do with a two hour flying visit. It was incredibly difficult watching them leave for their lunch and evening of fun.

One Christmas present I could definitely have done without are the two colds & associated chest infections kindly delivered by Santa since I started the steroids two weeks ago. I’m blocking up the chimney next year!

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