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Pneumonia or infection know the signs

Pneumonia Infections Sepsis, septicaemia and blood poisoning.

Sepsis is often referred to as

either blood poisoning or septicaemia, although it could be argued that both terms are not entirely accurate. Sepsis is not just limited to the blood and can affect the whole body, including the organs.

Viral and bacteria infections anywhere in the body if left untreated can a do kill if left untreated pneumonia is final insult .. know the signs and take the quiz .


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Thanks for the link....three weeks ago I was diagnosed with the symptoms of sepsis and was treated in hospital with a cocktail of IV and oral antibiotics..

Still don't feel right and I have had to have a kidney scan.

Look out for the symptoms and get help quickly.....my daughter rang 999 after I started to go into shock......high temperature, low blood pressure, low sats and high heart rate.

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Hi knitter is very nasty commend you daughter and her speedy action .. Most sepsis never clears .. Needs management watching need to drink tap water 8.5 ph can also help with acid reflux and infections

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cripes Knittter, how lucky your daughter was around. Hope you make a speedy recovery xxx peeg

any prizes for the quiz erm win a doctor not a bod one

Ye is luck of the draw

Thanks for links Daz

Hi cheers BC

Thanks for the link dazisnotsogood . Very interesting.

Hi poppyval cheers glad u found it of intrest

Once more DAZ info worth reading

Thanks Daz, interesting and scary reading :(

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