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Risedronate and azithromycin

Evening everyone

Merry Christmas to you all.

I took my first Azithromycin yesterday, but it was my day for taking my risedronate have to take it first thing before anything else, and my vitamin D.

I felt so rough yesterday my Risedronate always makes me feel like someone's squeezing my bones, but it's gone the next day, but today I've had zero energy and when I move I'm really breathless.

Do you think I should have taken them different days, I don't want to give up have to take next one tomorrow, I'm hoping it's going to make me better than I do normally heard some good reports.

Kim xxxx

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Hi kimmy59, Pete takes Risedronate and azith on a Monday morning and takes them within a short time of one another with no ill effects. Maybe you could phone NHS direct or out of hours service for any advice. Good luck and hope you feel better. Merry Christmas to you. xxxx


Thanks for that, I think I might ring someone. I really hoped I would get on with this AB, how's your husband on it.

Merry christmas

Kim xxx


Hi Kimmy59 I do think you need to talk to your doc and let him know how it seems to affect you defo.Its got definite ways of taking it i believe?. Sorry Im no help,a chat with doc in order eh.Takecare and a merry christmas to you. :) Janexx


Morning and merry christmas.

I've got to take the next one today, so I'll see how I am but I'm going to speak to my GP anyway. My consultant thought a nebuliser might be a good idea when I have an infection so he's written to my GP, I wanted it before christmas but couldn't get passed the Gestapo that are doctors receptionist.

Kim xxxx


Hope you got this sorted Kim.

How many Azith are you taking? How long?

For me it's excellent, way better than most but we are all different. There are other ABs I cannot take plus my tum is very sensitive.

I'm on it for exacerbation right now. I take it three days running, 7 days off, 3 on, 7 off, 3 on . it usually works for me so am praying that it does this time because I feel dreadful.

I believe the best people to speak to regarding meds are the pharmacists, they're always interested in finding out things if they don't already know, drugs are their profession after all. Some docs & nurses are useless, they seem never to have heard of it.

On the day I got my script it was 12pm, I asked my pharmacist if I could take it then or wait until the next day. She checked and said straight away but take same time each day. This sequence I'm taking it 3pm and the 3rd sequence I'll take it my normal time of first thing.

Hope this helps in some way. Peeg xx. PS I should think you may feel awful and sob due to exacerbation?


I replied to you this morning, what happened to that I wonder.

I've got to take 500mg Monday Wednesday and Friday for a month then get my GP to give me another prescription until I see my consultant in June, he also gave me steroids and AB's a 10 day course before I started taking the Azithromycin. How do you feel taking it, I'm really hoping I feel better not felt well since pneumonia in June. Xxxxx


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