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Can I take another rescue pk?????

Dear all.

I've just finished a course of steroids,and am still finishing a.biotics for what I thought was going to be a very bad chest infection.

I am today starting to feel pretty rough again,"itchy" throat,headache,just feel meh.

Would it be ok to take yet another load of steroid tabs,? I really don't want to,but I equally do not want to be ill over Xmas.

Many thanks for any advice.

And happy christmas to you all.


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I understood the steroids were to reduce inflammation rather than help with other symptoms. Are your doctors still open could you ring them? Or try the helpline? Please continue with abs. So hope you start to feel better and wishing you a good Christmas xxxxx


My action plan asks that I inform my doctor when I break into my rescue pack telling them I am not well should things deteriorate further keeping out of hospital makes talking with a doctor worthwhile.

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Hi Fantasy, I can't answer your question as I myself have not as yet been given a diagnosis. However I am on my third course of steroids and antibiotics in last five or six weeks for a chest infection. I have had breathing tests and am awaiting results. However I do work with individuals that have COPD and , or Asthma and they have taken courses of steroids and antibiotics back to back. This probably don't answer your individual needs, but hope it may help in some way. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Liz xx


I started a course of abs on Saturday for a urine infection Monday I came down with the flu I finished the first course of abs and started on my emergency course of abs and steroids, good luck and try and enjoy Christmas.x


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