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happy christmas

to day is make the apple pies day .me and the misses make them for family . we got a bit of running about to day we take tom to work he works at hospital . he is working all over Christmas so as the married people can have it off . Christ mas day is rather manic with every body coming round . on boxing day we are off to our sons he is cooking . just had phone call to say im getting my oxygen tank on the 30th . now have to tell my boss and see if he will let me carry on working ..not sure about health and safty and all that sort of stuff . not happy about having to wear a tank on me back when walking about but whats the oppotion . but that's enough of my moaning there are a auful lot of folk worse than me who never complaine . happy Christmas and keep breathing

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I find oxygen great, I use a little trolley to pull mine one was supplied by the oxygen Company, its a thought.

Tom must be a lovely person to consider others over the Christmas period.

I do have you all have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2014

polly xx


You can always kid on it;s a Jet Rocket Booster so you can fly home after your shift to avoid the traffic, Hee-Hee Merry Xmas, Matt/Fran


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