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My pulmo (specialist) advised me the other day, when we were discussing LVRS that my lungs were now at 283%, and the reason why my exercise tolerance was falling and de-saturation came so quickly. Here in Australia there are differing views in relation to LVRS and frankly I cannot find any helpful advice (except on here and usually from Penny). All I know is that I would like to be able to breathe again, but then IU guess we all feel that!!

That being said I'm in my 14th year with Emphysema and cannot help feeling that the quite strenuous exercising I have done in the past has had an effect on my hyperinflation percentage.

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Hi martin1945 a think your lucky if docs are looking into lvrs ... My doc told me there is one option left for me and he would not like to do it.

I assume he was talking about lvrs due to all my infections.

Currently my docs av put me on valium that am nit happy about

Trying to serdate me into submission .... can't see how a sedative can help

Anyway wishing you sll the best snd happy xmas new year


not happy valium ask prozac 4nerves


Hi bewildered have been on antidepresants befour and did nothing to help

Think the trying to shut me up really


Hi Martin,do hope you get a good outcome,with whatevers decided.

I don't know much about LVRS,I am in,have you tried the lung foundation here,?

I don't belong to them now,as they only had a forum for lung transplanters,but I do recall them putting information up,about those sort of things.It might be worth having a look up!

I appreciate your hopes of getting better breathing,I think we can all relate to that!

Happy Xmas to you,Wendells xx

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