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Just like to wish everyone a happy and healthy christmas and thank you for all your help and advise in 2013.

I have to wait untill january for my next spirometry test has i know its just a number but would just like to see if stayed the same in my first year has i have worked very hard trying to exercise and not smoked and just looking after myself better then i ever did also cut my seretide from 500 to 250 still one puff morning and evenings with no problems

The only thing i must admit i still have couple of pints of beer 2 evenings a week

best wishes everyone

Music - Paul

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Merry christmas to you Paul Ihope your results prove positive for you sounds like you've made a hugh effort . Wishing you a healthy happy new year. :) Janexx


Last I checked moderate alcohol consumption was not contradicted in COPD. So long as it doesn't interfere with any medications. Good luck with the Spiro.


Do enjoy your beer! What a wonderful step you took to stop smoking and start exercising. I do the same and I have noticed an immense progress, from oxygen bottles and concentrator to free from oxygen (apart from the air I breathe). You will feel freer, happier!

PK. you want to know the results of your spirometry in January. Please ask the nurse, the consultant. The consultant will tell you what the result mean. If it says, "normal for your condition", ask him to explain the main point, what does it all mean.

Then, please forget about them, because you are the answer to your progress. doctors are away from your body and have no way to know whether you feel well or rotten. so they need a little machine.But you know how you feel. Build your confidence up and smile to yourself! Happy Christmas and good health to you!

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