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Happy healthy Christmas to you all


Thank you all for your support - your comments and good wishes have brought me to tears at times and I know the world is a better place for this site. May all you brave sufferers breath easy and may all your carers be blessed with good health!! Take good care of each other. Have a wonderful Christmas and May 2014 bring you the best of luck. With much love TAD xxx

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That's lovely Tad, thanks. And the same to you with bells and whistles on! Libby x

Thanks, Tadaw. It is good to belong to this site, and share our problems. I do realise although I do have problems, that things could be worse for me, but I do like to give support whenever. I will wish you a peaceful Chritsmas and a New Year without too many problems. Love Pergola xx

Well I wrote my letter to Santa asking for the koala bear he forgot when I was five and if he could see his way to sorting out a few thousand pairs of lungs for the festive season I would be very grateful .............. looking forward to Wednesday for the results LOL :)

Thanks Tad. I know what you mean. I have laughed and I have been brought to tears. Illness especially respiratory ones are very emotional. Sometimes it's good when we have the jokes. We can forget if only for a minute. Love from Mavis. X

Thank you too TAD for all your care and support. Hope you have a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year. Love Alison

Seasons greetings TADAW~~ Please remember the reason for the season


Your daily tonic


Wishing you all that too Tad! May you have a lovely Xmas,& we thank you as well for your love & support xxxx

You stay well TAD and have a great Christmas. May 2014 be a good year for everyone. Lots of love.xxxxxxx

Thank-you Tadaw wishing you and your hubby a healthy happy christmas and new year. :) Janexx

Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and a more peaceful new year, Tadaw :) x

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