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Peace And Goodwill Toward Men

Watching children perform a nativity play gave me a reminder that the festive season is a time of peace and goodwill for all as we bring our families together members of the community return making us a family here.

As we enjoy our celebrations can we spare a thought for the poor and lonely counting our blessings we are still here and most importantly still breathing.

A thank you with Christmas Wishes to Health Unlocked Mark Pilling (BLF) Kevin Robinson (BLF) for all the hard work throughout the year making our lives richer.

Peace and goodwill to all :-)

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What a lovely Christmas message, Millstone. I can only echo your sentiments. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthier new year :) x


Although I have for many years been an atheist I have always loved watching the littlies doing a Nativity play. My own kids were in several. They are so funny and a delight to watch. May you all, whether Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddist or like me atheist, have a good and peaceful holiday break.

Love to all

Bobby xx


A lovely message Millstone.Wishing you a Happy & peaceful Xmas,breathe easy! xxx

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Lovely seeing a nativity play I know we will have no peace until boxing day so busy I slept from 5pm yesterday up to 7 this morning love and good wishes everyone.


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Hi Milestone. We went to a special Christmas party at one of our local schools. They had a choir from each class to sing to us. It was really lovely to hear the children. They were from the primary class to the ten or eleven year olds. Can I also give a mention to the BLF without them we would not know each other and would have nowhere to go for our questions. Our lives are definitely richer for being here. Happy Christmas All. X

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