SEEBRI (Glycopyrronium)

First of all, Merry Xmas everyone! I wanted to ask if anyone on here uses Seebri, and what do you think of it? Ihave Stage 4 COPD (Emphysema), I have been on it for a few weeks now and at first it was fantastic, I did not need to use my ventolin at all and could actually take a big deep breath! But, as the weeks have gone on I've started to use my ventolin again, granted not as much as I used too, twice a day which is a lot better than 8 times + a day. I have a feeling that im in for another chest infection, so it could just be that. Any thoughts ?

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  • Sorry, this is a new drug to me. I read it in, if you feel better with it, marvellous.

    chess infections, unfortunately, are not dependent on whether you have a new inhaler. If you cough up, have your sputum checked by doctor asap. This is the best way. I hope it is not an infection, but be safe rather than sorry.

    Happy Christmas.

  • I need to see if my rescue packs are ready on Monday, will get checked at the same time. Have a Merry Xmas

  • I have heard a lot about Seebri, mostly it seems it works on the sames lines a Spiriva , what I would like to know is, is it better than Spiriva? Has anyone gone from one to the other and so can compare? I do realise what works for one person perhaps does not work for someone else, but I like to keep up if they have brought out more improved drugs

  • Hi , I am also stage 4 copd and have been changed from spiriva to seebri , ( I have been told that the seebri is a cheaper one ) i didnt notice any real difference , but i also use a nebuliser 3 times a day and in the night I still have to use a puffer .

  • I was on Spiriva for years and got 'conned' to change to Seebri. Not an intentional con but I asked the COPD nurse who visited me if there was an inhaler that incorporated salmeterol so I would only need one daily dose. She said Seebri or Genuair would be the answer. By the time I found out this was wrong it was too late!

    Honestly can't tell any difference other than I like being able to see that all the powder is gone. I haven't had an exacerbation since August 15th when I started on it but it's impossible to know whether that would have been the same with Spiriva. I haven't kept proper notes but I did take emergency meds last December, February, July and August.

    Merry Xmas to all!


  • Hi I was on Spiriva and changed to see bri, but I have now changed back to Spiriva after about 2 months as breathing was no better ,and I started to wheeze more, so did no good for me but I am prepared to give anything a try once. X

  • I've been using spiriva for several years, but when at rehab recently I heard a lady say that she'd changed to seebri and felt much better for it. So I tried it too after talking to my GP. To be honest I haven't really experienced any benefit and have gone back to Spiriva which was still on my repeat meds. Try seebri and see, is my advice! x

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