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Does anybody take Azithromycin for 6 days 500mg a day?

I usually have a 3 day emergency supply at home but am given 6 days to take on holiday. Had to use all tablets whilst on holiday. I think I need to go on the Bronchiect help site to look at colour of sputum. I think my gp is right and I take them too late but I still think you feel unwell and exhausted even when you do not have chest inf. Katie JJ

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I am not at all sure that I really know what it is that you are asking. I have IPF and have been taking Azithromycin 250mg thrice weekly since 2010. Do you take them only when you have an exacerbation?

Thanks for that flib. The sputum chart reminded me so much of when I was a kid, either in hospital or taking the buses up there twice a week from school for physio. A few excercises, saline sniffs (from a spoon) and then over the old physio blocks they used to use. After we all lined up with our pots and Miss Peat (bless) would have a graph - each square representing 1 oz and a vast array of pencils from cream, yellows, million shades of green, and few red and black.

It's a weird one this colour malarkey don't you think. Yes sometimes it is glaring obvious to us bronchs when mucus is copious, purulent and filthy green, however my norm is yellowy green which is fine, but it can sometimes be quite pale and I just feel wrong and it grows some horror or other. Quite often, as with strep and HI, I go by the taste before the colour or puralence, which obviously follows on pretty quickly.


cofdrop. The only different taste I get is salty. I do not know if this is good or bad! My sputum is only a lighter colour for 24 hours after ABs. I will also have to look up fibberti's word "mucopurulent" sounds as horrible ass the stuff itself. Katie JJ

Thanks flibberti. Katie JJ

because i always getting chest infec docs told me to tk 3 of thoses weekly start mon

I am going to ask about a more regular dosage if I do not improve. Thanks

Only been found out a few month ago that I have Bronchiectasis not COPD so I'm new to the medications needed. My doc was told what 'nasties' my sputum cultivates and I was given a Seretide inhaler & told to to log on to the BLF site if I had any questions. Since then I've had 3 x1wk courses of Azithromycin which I found very effective except that 1 wk isn't really long enough. I was worried about being ill over the Xmas hols like last year (for 6mnth) but my doctor gave me a 4 wk supply of Clarithromycin. First time I've had that one but I'm finding it pretty effective also. Over a 4 wk period I've to take 2 tablets a day for only 3 days a week so hopefully they will keep me ticking into 2014.

All the best to everyone.

Hi Delilah (love the name have you got a Samson?) I think it is easier in a way to cope once you have correct diagnosis. Took 2 years to get mine. Have coped fairly well up until last 6 months I think I have got to start looking after myself more or listen to my body but I know loads of people push themselves too hard. I do find life easier if I pace myself. However, I know I am lot better off than most as it is only mild and have left lung working but must admit (I would onlyu say this here or to a BLF nurse butz I do get frightened at times. Mostly just joke about it. Happy Christmas to everyone and a healthy as possible New Year.

Hello Katie, No sadly there isn't a Samson in my life, mine died 27yrs ago. I'm an ex-smoker so in some ways it was a relief to find out it wasn't COPD. Like you I'm managing alright at the moment but I think thats mainly bcos I have so many other ailments I don't have time to dwell on any one of them for long. I count my blessings every day, deal with any problems then file them away til the next time.

Hi HuwieHex I have bronchiectasis. Yes, just take when exacerbation. Normally 3 days dosage does the trick but not this time. Thgink it is my fault probably delayed too long in taking the ABs. Found it interesting about how people take the AB three times a week. Not feeling too good so will see GP after Christmas. Have a happy one Katie JJ

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