ESA DWP and yet another waste of time and money

As some of you know I had a nightmare getting ESA and had major problems with the DWP getting their facts wrong. to add to this saga my wife got a letter stating that she had to attend a work focus meeting because I was On ESA. I also got a letter stating that this is what they were going to do and a form for me to sign to allow them if I agreed to talk to her about my benefit?

My wife called them to explain that she has a job and is working 19 hours a week! To be told that "she has to go or I will lose my benefit and they will look into what else can be done to enhance her work experience"

The time come yesterday and I went with her, with a letter from work to explain that these hours are all she can get as the council have an overtime ban and as my unpaid carer for doctors hospital appointments etc. it does suit our requirements. As soon as we sat down my wife mentioned that this is the hours from her workplace to be told "so why are you here?" Once more no one listens to what is told to them on the phone or put on the forms. DWP claim my wife works more than 100 hours a month but on my calculator even on a 5 week month it is under 100 hours. However it looks like when it suits them they forget that she even works? I really do feel I am on a hit list

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  • Unbelievable! But yet only too believable. It's incredible they are allowed to get away with this level of inefficiency. In your shoes, I'd be writing to my MP and to the Secy of DWP, highlighting their most obvious failings, and asking how much it costs this department in wasted man hours - ie seeing people who they shouldn't really need to see. Take care and good luck.

  • How exasperating - you two must be tearing your hair out. As well as the ideas from initial you might want to write to Owen Jones at the Independent or Nick Cohen at the Observer. Neither think much of IDS. I put up a couple of links but they were timed out. You can still see the tif between Owen and IDS on Question Time if you google it and a few articles by Nick.

    love cx

  • I sent him an email on what happened see what the stirs up?

  • Which one did you send the email to hun? I would be really interested to hear the reply, although it may well be after the hols. cx

  • nick cowen of the observer

  • Good on yer - should be interesting. cx

  • Words just fail you, usually in relation to the DWP etc. I can totally understand how you feel you are on a hit list so turn the tables and put them on your hit list! Good luck and warm wishes. :)

  • Argh! Dear me Offcut, this is so horrible!I hope you take note fof what they say. the date of your appearance. And indeed, it might be a good idea to contact the Secretary of DWP, and MP.

    OH I hope you can both relax during Christmas!

  • Thank you all for your kind words

  • Hi Offcut I'm sorry to hear this but not surprised in the least, as you know I was turned down for DLA and I asked them to look at it again they told me it would take 11 weeks that time has passed. I went to the job centre they phoned for me they were told they were waiting for information from my GP he sent the information 4 weeks earlier. My claim for ESA is in the same state should of had a medical with ATOS September they have a back log and can't tell me how long it will be.

  • I have just been given this information so will send her an email too.

    Email and let her know. Shes on W & P select committee and looking for information about probs with esa and dla, sanctions etc She and others questioned Mike Penning last week and will be meeting with him again after the holidays. If there's a cock up she wants to know about it.

  • How horrible for the both of you, just what you don't need,when your not feeling well to say the least, getting worked up is not good at all with our conditions, Hoping you can get some results soon, But do try and relax both of you and have a happy and restful Christmas. H XX

  • Thank you I have had a read receipt so here's hoping

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