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Because of weight loss I have been having Fortisip for a while now. The dietician has now prescribed 2 a day and the more I take the worse they taste. I have had one this morning and it has made me feel sick. YUK YUK YUK :-P I know they are supposed to be good for me, but I wonder if I could add anything to them to make them taste better.

polly xx

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  • Ask for Ensure not the fruit drink but the milk shake ones they come in lots of flavours and are quite pleasant, I keep one opened in the fridge door and sip it through the day because they are quite heavy to drink in one go. My doctor prescribes mine, I also put powered milk in anything I can as advised by my dietician.

    Kim xxxx

  • Haven't had Fortisip Polly but did used to have Ensure that KIm has and I thought it was horrible, sorry Kim!!! I have something called Fresubin which is a powder you mix with whole milk and shake vigorously in a shaker, which can be a problem when you're struggling for breath. Also, they are quite thick so, like Kim, I tend to drink them in stages. The flavours are all nice, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and neutral - I put some Nesquik in the neutral one. The best ones I've ever had are Complan but I don't think you get them on prescription - could be wrong though! KIm's powdered milk suggestion is good advice too, you can put it in almost anything without noticing any difference. Libby x

  • pollyjj

    I have JUST been prescribed Nutricia Fortisip Extra because of my weight loss - 320 calories in a 200ml bottle can't be bad.

    Firstly I was given a sample pack of 4 and I chose to have the Vanilla and the Chocolate.

    Fortisip do a number of products so perhaps Google them and see if any of the other products may appeal. Whilst the public can't get the samples, the nurses can do this on your behalf.

    Although it's early days for me I actually do like them and find them not so filling as the Marks smoothies which only have half the calories.

    Hope you find one you like.


  • I had the dietician visit me at home recently; visit went ok and she's prescribed me 2 Fortisips a day, to be reviewed in 3 months time. Was on these once before, a long time ago, and really liked the milky tropical fruit flavour ones.

    Polly, how about adding some Nesquick powder to yours or maybe mix in a smoothie? Lovelight xxx

  • Why don't you ask for something other than the drinks? They do soup and little tubs of pudding; my husband used to like one that was similar to chocolate mouse.

  • Thank you everyone will be having a word with doc to see what they have to offer.

    polly xx

  • Like Kimmy said powdered milk, perhaps a touch of chocolate powder.My pulmonary nurse suggested little cream during the day, rice pudding. I found lately some Mr Kipling's almond cakes!

    some meat for protein, mushroom (mushroom soup), all sorts of soup for that matter. As a drink, I'm addicted to hot chocolate made with whole milk. In the morning, I have cornflakes with a banana, cashew nuts (easily digestible) and sultanas (which contain boron for strong bones). I find the conrflakes made in that way quite filling. Add some sour cream with chives to season your baked potato! Whateer your fancy, if it entices you to eat is good for you, especially now in winter..

    don't forget a bit of exercise too!

    One example from YouTube, but there are many, especially forn COPD. check it out :

  • ask for the fortisip compact,they are smaller bottles but with the same amount of calories.(they just take a shorter time to drink).also there are suppliments called "shots"they can be swallowed in two gulps and contain around 150 calories.I too have lost an awful lot of weight due to spending 6 weeks bed bound with shingles,my leg and arm muscles are virtually useless at the moment but Im determined to recover and with the help of my dietician I will soon be back to normal,with "only" my lungs to concentrate on. Best of luck to you,eat as much fattening food you can get your hands on.x

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