Morning everyone, it's 06:53 in Portugal this morning and looking out of the motorhome window it's as black as your hat. Still 2 days to go to the winter solstice, I remember writing on her a year ago that psychologically it's one of my favourite days because from that day we are heading into summer again, doesn't time fly!!. It's my mums birthday today so me and LIlian are going to skype her to sing Happy birthday. The days are flying by down here, we will have been here a month tomorrow, doesn't seem like two minutes since we drove through the gates. The weather is a bit up and down a bit breezy some days but still warm enough to wear shorts and a thin jumper, not much rain to speak of. The site is full of motorhomes from all over Europe, I thought ours was a fair size but it's a flipping tiddler compared to some down here, the size of single decker coaches and pulling trailers with smart cars on the back. We have WiFi on site for free, but it is very patchy and you have to go and sit outside the cafe to get a very slow unreliable signal, so we have purchased a mobile pay as you go thing from vodaphone, it was €50 to purchase and €10 for ten hours of unlimited use. I am feeling well, or shall I say better than if I was on the boat so it seems this May have been a good idea afterall. Anyway that leads me on to just say I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and All our best wishes for the coming year, lots of love Chris and Lilian.xxx

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  • Happy Christmas to the intrepid travellers!! So pleased to hear how well you are. Take good care. TAD xxx

  • It must be wonderful to be out of this cold weather, enjoy.

  • Happy Christmas to you & Lilian too! It seems you are having a great time,glad the weather is reasonable.How interesting about all the motor homes etc,seems people have to beat each other,even when on hols!!

    I'm sure your Mum will be chuffed at getting skyped,lovely birthday for her.

    Pleased that you are better than being on the boat,looks like you made a good decision.

    Well just want to wish the travelling gypsys,an exciting year ahead,where's the next travels too?

    Love to you & Lilian,keep well, xxxx

  • It is great to hear how you are getting on, wish we had some of that warmer weather here, just hoping there is no snow for Christmas.

    Wishing you both a Very Happy, warm and healthy Christmas.

    polly xx

  • Hi Chris, great to have your news - I'm so jealous!

    My friend Hazel Jackson wrote a little book on her, her husband & sons year of adventure in a Winnebago travelling Europe. It was hilarious the antics they had to get round mini roundabouts.

    Have a great Christmas and a Very Happy 2014. I too have Dec 21st as my single most favourite day of the year

    :) :)

  • Fantastic news on your trip, wish it was me.

    Nice to see your update, loved reading it.

    Take care and enjoy your trip.

    David 1968

  • Glad to hear you're both doing well Chris and benifiting from the warmer climate. How's the fishing?

  • Feliz natal!

    I did try to learn the language. But I found no one to speak with! So I'm afraid I let it go. i still like fado, which was my reason for learning Portuguese.

  • So good to hear your great news Chris, I am wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, continued good health and good cheer to last you right through the coming year. :)

    Very best wishes from BC

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