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Im not on oxygen but wanted to ask if when you've had an infection do you change all the tubing ?,how often is the tubing changed under normal circumstances? Was just thinking about reinfecting ourselves if not ?

Apologies for being the numpty. :o Janexx

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You're not a numpty - if anyone is it's me! It never occurred to me to change the tubes, lol! I only change the cannula when it starts to get grubby looking or stiffens up ... d'oh!


Hi Jude not at all I was in bed last night thinking about ' reinfection' especially this time of year it would seem some really do suffer one infection after another!and one thought led to another,idont use oxygen so dont know those answers and was then curious about the tubing so thanx for replying Jude :) Janexxx

I am no clinician but with the 02 blowing all the time I would think that is not so much a problem as it is not recirculating the air? With it being dry I would think reduce the risk of infection incubating in the tubes? The mask and contact points would be the biggest issue but general hygiene there should be enough.

A good question though! Worth a bit of on-line research methinks ;)

Be Well

Thanx Offcut yes I have now.It would seem that if using canular with nasal prongs the prongs should be washed twice weekly and changed every two weeks and ofcourse changed immediately after an infection the tubes 6 monthly the same for masks. :) Janexx

You are not a numpty at all and make a good point. Pete is not on oxygen either but he used to have quite a few infections per year and we realised he did not wash the mouth piece to the nebuliser very often so was probably re-infecting himself. It is all now thoroughly washed daily and hey ho! ...... no infections. Take care xxxx

What do you use to disinfect your nebuliset Sassy. I have often wondered if using hot water and washing up liquid is sufficient to kill any bugs.

I wash it in hot soapy water and then put it in a baby bottle steamer and steam it in the microwave for six minutes as recommended for bottles. Make sure to get the one for microwave use. Can;t use it for tubing though.

Hot water and soap is good but we also use a small amount of bleach or Milton liquid which is always good. Hope that helps. xx

Thanks, I will get some Milton and give it a go.

Hi there sassy59 haha thanx.As I said to Jude above I was curious with people and reinfections,and people on home oxygen and the tubing etc.Kindly people have responded and now I have been doing a little research.so now I know,Im the same with our puffers i dont really clean them and forget even when I have had an infection !! and beside myself if anyone dare sniff ,sneeze or cough near me mad isnt it.It has now made me be more aware of my habits with inhalers. :) ?Janexx

I would phone your oxygen suppier company and don't be afraid to ask them all these questions. Also there should be a booklet that came with your oxygen. Its their job to help you with all your questions.

Hi Operatic I myself am not on oxygen as yet, but was thinking about the equipment and how often this is cleaned and changed and as you suggest have now researched.Thankyou for replying.Janexx

hi when l use my inhalers l always wipe them with Dettol wipes cos to me l think germs can be contacted anywhere when you think about it . so l always wipe around my inhalers every day with Dettol wipes or antiseptic wipes so if you were to just wipe is tubes every morning you will at least know that hes using tubes that are sterial then you will be reducing any germs hope this helps

Hiya minkymoo your absolutely right Iwill be now because its only me hadnt dawned on me that I could be reinfecting myself how stupid of me derrr! Hope your well? :) Janexx

hi jane glad to have been a help to your problem lets hope now you get on with it a bit easyer lm not to bad at moment its just the dust from the kitchen fitters its getting realy unbearable but got to plod on well lm now getting ready from the xmas so lets hope l have a good it better well l will wish you all the best for xmas and 2014 and if thers anything else l can help you with please feel free to drop me a line take care jane xxx

Best asking the questions now I only used oxygen for a short time when I had been in hospital. If I am honest I could not take it all in not feeling so good but the man that brought it gave me some packets with them things that go up your nose they should change every 2 weeks (put post it notes on them with date would have forgot without) as a guide.

Sure that a member that knows more will be along soon

Hello Lakeland thank-you you are right about changing nasal prongs every two weeks thanx for your reply keep warm and well. :) Janexx

My oxygen supplier says to change cannulas every month. I wash the prongs area with light antiseptic wipes after use but do not wash the tubing. It is important not to get any water in the tubing as it can stagnate. It doesn't seem to make any difference when I have an infection.

I wash my nebuliser bits (again, not the tubing) daily in hot soapy water, sterilizing every weekend.

Hi happy feet thank-you for replying now I understand whats to be done.It has made me think about my inhalers now I will be cleaning them. :) Janexx

hi hun

yes i was told by b o c that you should change canular every month and i keep a supply in loo so to speak and what i do is just wipe rest of tubing with dettol wipes although that does not touch your mouth and change on each and every infection and also very important to keep all inhalers clean and germ free because you can contaminate yourself if you havent cleaned theses thing after infection

Hi there Im as thick as a brick sometimes becraftygirl,had'nt given inhalers a second thought :o not on oxygen myself was having a very curious moment wondering re equipment etc and reinfecting .Thanks for your help. :) Janexx


I can't see how you would have a risk from your hoses as your oxygen is only blowing one way so I don't think there is any chance of infection. I would make sure to change your canular is replaced every couple of weeks. I get my equipment serviced every three months & I get replacement hoses to last me till it needs serviced again.

Hi John119wards thank-you for your information good to know definitely. :) Janexx

Hi Longlungs, Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write the above. I found it very useful.

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