...............Oh Little Town

Oh little town 'neath moonlit skies

How still we see thee sleep.

As through the streets and on the roofs

A hooded figure creeps.

He climbs down all your chimneys,

He carries a large sack...

He fills it up with your mince pies

Then quickly hurries back.



We Three Kings of Orient Are>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Father Christmas: Doctor,Doctor I feel so unfit

Doctor : You need to go to an elf farm



After the gifts have been opened

After the tree is gone

After the carols have faded

May the happiness linger on.


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  • Nice piece of Christmas humour KOTC, thanks

  • KOTC, you are so festive, great on a cold windy evening. Thanks for giving us so many laughs each day. Happy Christmas - Pergola x

  • After that one it is you KOTC that needs to go to the elf farm. Lol. Berwick xx

  • Care to join me? berwick

  • Sorry KOTC the elf farm couldn't take on the two of us so the pleasure is all YOURS. lol Berwick XXX

  • It Surely is a cracker. You've done it again King. That smile was on my face again. X

  • Bless you King, I needed to smile tonight, my son was taken to A&E earlier tonight, chest pains, thankfully he,s fine, but Mum is having a whiskey in her tea, & I,ve just aged ten yrs, but as usual I can count on you to raise a smile, keep on keeping Kingy,

    Love from

    The Witch xxxxxx

  • sorry to hear your trouble Whichy I will remember you and your family in my prayers. xx

  • Thank you, xxxx

  • Beginning to get a little feel for christmas and that helped it on its way thank-you velly velly much KOTC. :) Janexx

  • Thanks for cheering me up KotC, it's not been the best of days and I needed that :) Julie x

  • Another happy smile and a tune to sit in my head all day, thankyou.

  • lovely thank you xx

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