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P.i.p form

Hi everyone

i was filling in my claim form for the p.i.p in my usuall couldnt care less rude manner when my wife took it from me.

She told me i had missed lots out as i was so wound up by the stupid questions and she would do it properly for me.

When she had finished i read it all through and ime now more worried about being sectioned under the mental health act than i am about my breathing!

Have a very merry christmas and a happy new year (or as best we can)


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Always best to put the worst case senario. As your wife sees you every day I am sure she knows best!!! good luck Irene x


good luck with that, you should know by now that we know you better than you know yourself


Hahaha sorry to laugh Sambob tickled me giggler you did!That is one mare of a form to deal with !Well done to your wife for helping. Breathless and barmy is ok you should do fine.Goodluck :) Janexx


I went on the DWP benefit adviser question answer form and it said I should look at DLA/PIP Carer and Mobility. to go with my ESA support I already get. I hate doing forms at he best of times and it is all in the way you put things down. I am sure I am on the eeny meeny minney NO pile when I send anything back since I go my MP involved.


Typical man, hate fitting in forms lol! Seriously, the more you write on the form no matter how trivial the better. I had mine filled in by my local cab and she wrote loads and loads.


C.A/B. and Age UK fill form for you. there was a book available and renewed every year from the university of Birmingham . I've just looked and cannot find it!

there's some advice here:

What they say there is that if you filled a previous form, you can copy this into the new form.

I have kept some form that I filled with my details to use them for future reference. Obviously, you have to update this.

Make a copy and put the date on it. If you phone the DWP, always make a note of when you did this and obtain the name of the person you talk to. I used to have a book specialised to record those phone calls, the date and what was said.

Hope this help a little.

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I've just seen on this site a reply by Scrobitty

I'm just copying the link,

councils have benefit advisers too, apparently.


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