Add Chiropractictioner to my C.V. Mattcass

The Thought of paying a practitioner £65 for a consultation got made me thinking what can they do to release my trapped nerve, I was in my work walking around like Quasimodo if i can get myself standing straight up I could try and manipulate my leg myself I started to swing my leg like a pendulum i did this for 10 minutes then i started to flick my leg out, and for 10 minutes i was like Frankie Vaughan walking around my office singing Give Me The Moonlight

and lifting my leg at the same time, I anyone saw me i would just say it's the medication, This was yesterday morning Fran could not believe what I told her so i showed her what I had done. Honest no pain and still got my my £65, No pain from my RA or Trapped Nerve this could be a Great Painfree Xmas Matt

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  • Well done, Matt. Once or twice I have paid out money to private people who know how to charge. On one occasion, I made a formal complaint and sctually got my money back. x

  • Hi pergola, I'm so glad you got your money back, At the beginning of my Illness I paid £250 just to be told i had RA just by looking at me wonder what he would have charged if i had a full examination,Matt

  • How clever! now see if you can cure your other ills.and then tell us all how to do it :)

  • HI ptliverpool, I wasn't trying to be clever, And if there was a cure for me and all my friends we would have no need to be here, Matt

  • Hi Matt how funny wished I'd been there watching you trip the light fantastic lol.In your swinging you obviously shifted something result! Wishing you a happy pain free christmas :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, What would you say if i told you i have a video of me swinging my leg and singing Give Me The Moonlight, I thank you and the same to You and your Family, Matt/Fran

  • Well done you! Maybe I can get Pete to do something like that as it looks like he may have to have surgery at some point. Great that you did not have to pay anyone either, not that you should but it can be quicker in the long run. Take care both. xxxx

  • Hi sassy, If it comes back i may have to get on the monkey bars and just hang there till something gives, Matt/Fran

  • If you recorded it you may have a xmas No1 M8 singing and dancing your talents know no bounds ! Have a merry pain free xmas Matt



  • Hi Eck Thank you and the same to you.m8. Matt

  • I'm glad you feel pain free. that is excellent!

    Have you tried tap dancing, that should spank your nerves (only joking)

    I did learn as a budding physiotherapist that there are posture to clam a sciatic nerve. Perhaps a search on the internet would save some more £.

  • Hi helingmic, Ballet Dancer i am not, Highland Chancer I am, oops i mean Highland dancer. Matt

  • I can imagine you hopping in a circle with friends. That is quite strenuous, I tried once. I was much better then, but it made me short of breath then!

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