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Asthma, Hayfever and COPD

Hi. I am a newly diagnosed COPD sufferer, with lifelong asthma and hayfever. So for years I have been struggling with year long allergies. I have been taking ventolin, reliever inhalers and antihistamines since childhood (aged 54 now). I have water retention, so I take bendroflumeziade and have done for best part of 15 years. I have been on steroids and Ab on and off for the past 9 months, to the point of my bones thinning. I went to the GP yesterday and was given yet another medication for my allergies Montelukast.....if I jump, I am sure I will rattle!

It has been a frightening few months to the point where I am practically on my last warning at work for time off sick, depressed and tired. I have an appointment with Occupational Health tomorrow and will keep you updated with the outcome. Options are retire due to ill health or redeployment. For the first time in months, I actually feel OK today, tomorrow I may feel different. I dont know if it is the extra new med re: allergies or what, but I was at work and felt like i had a turbo charger stuck up my you know where. There was no stopping me!

Let me shut up now and give someone else a chance. I am glad for thesse forums because now I know, I am not the only person going through what I am going through. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas

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Montelukast is good I tfend to take mine in the evening as it makes me sleepy. but it does reduce my lungs reacting to things.


Hi hopetorun. I have to take mine in the evenings also. Will give it time, but hope it works


Hi emmaitch, sorry to hear you are having problems at work because of your health, this is a normal procedure by many employees. But it does not help your health having this added stress.Hope your new drug keeps working well, could do with a turbo charger myself, can you send some of your energy my way please?????????(smiles)

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Hello EmmAitch welcome to you yes its good to find such forums this is a good, friendly and very supportive one. With stacks of information from all of us with our varied diseases and experiences.Then there is the red balloon in the corner of this page which will give you BLF more pro advice just click the balloon Really nice meeting you see you soon. :) ~Janexx

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Hi there Emm.

Sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment. I too have suffered rhinitis for 9 years, it drips down the back of my throat constantly, it's an absolute pain in the neck.

People more knowledgable than me will be a long soon as I've only started posting myself a few months. I was at rock bottom, but thanks to the right antidepressant and coming on here, I'm feeling much calmer. You'll meet some great, friendly people on here, (Too many to mention.) Welcome onboard. xx


Have you tried a saline sinus rinse? I was given the bottle at PR and bought the sachets via Amazon. Neil Nasal Rinse. Really helps I also use Nasonex from doc morning & night which helps too.

You're right it's maddening, lost my sense of smell but some has returned with the use of Montelukast.

Emm, welcome to the site :) keep coming, you'll learn lots to improve your lot. Ask any questions, someone will offer their thoughts and/or experiences. Remember though, if you think you might have an infection go to the docs, don't hang about, get an emergency appointment.

PS it always pays to read the bumf in the meds box. Montelukast to be taken at night and takes about 4 weeks to take effect xx

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Don't worry about the rattle you hear from your body, In my case, it is an improvement on the prattle I get accused of.

Motelukast, is ok I have been on it for a while and had no side effects.

Employers are not always sympathetic to staff with health issues, only you can decide the best course for you, I personally was in a similar situation as my breathing was worsening rapidly.

I believed that no employer would accept my down time due to my health so, I went self employed, meaning if I had to take time out to rest and recover I did not feel my job was threatened because of my health.

As I have only 3 years of working life left it made sense

It is important to keep as active as possible, exercise and routine are important for your soul and health also that was the only way I could continue earning a wage.

Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Hi, I find i cough less since I've been on Montelukast but it is not effective if I have an infection. No side effects I can attribute to it. It's a good product. Good luck. Alison :-) :-)


Make sure your HR are aware that you have an ongoing health issues under DDA you have to be looked at as a person with a disability and to a point that should be taken into effect with regards disciplinary action.

As for the rattle I think I do too. I am on 14 tablets a day now excluding pain relief.


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