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I have never had brearhing problems before but i got a bout of flu and x rays show it has left me with chest infection and strugling for

Breath i hsve been on antibiotics and 40mg ofprednisolone for 4 days now but no better with breathing at momment does any one know how long it takes to kick in my steroids are a 5 day course and my antibiotics are 7 thank you for your help

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I think it depends how long you had the infection before getting the meds, one thing is for sure if you are still no better on the last day of your meds, make an appointment to see your doc again asap, in fact it wouldn't hurt to make that appointment now, so doc can check your lungs again after the course of meds and if things are no better, you can provide a sputum sample and the doctor can prescribe you another course of meds.

The most important thing is to knock the infection on the head as quickly as possible and don't ever delay getting treatment if you are no better.

Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Best wishes Bc


Hi Rosebud, BC is right, you must see the doc at the end of treatment, to ensure infection has gone - or not!

You can't mess about once you've had something like this.

Do look after yourself, peeg


Hi if you are not feeling any better after 4 days then go back to the doctor. it could be that they need to extend the steroids or try a different antibiotic. Hope you feel better soon


Good Morning - if you are not feeling any better please go back to your Doctor. My husband was told that if he wasn't feeling better by day 4 of the antibiotics to go back - the antibiotics may need changing. Take good care, TAD xxx


I usually feel better by day 3 or 4 of a course of abs and/or prednislone.

I would go back to your doctor as you may need a different antibiotic. If you have a productive cough and can produce sputum it would be helpful to ask your dr if he needs a sample as this will show which bug you have and therefor which antibiotic is best.

GP's give a broad spectrum antibiotic as first choice ( br. sp. means it will kill off a range of bugs) but if it isn't working they need to find out exactly what you have and target that with specific drugs.


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