Osteoporosis and Vitamin D

Been going through my letters from my consultant and she told my GP my osteoporosis was borderline, I did remember my doctor saying it wasn't that bad, but my vitamin D levels were 20 that was last last it's now 136 is this normal now.

Kim xxx

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  • I think they are good vit D levels kimmy, well done.

    The doctor told me anything above 50 is ok, the US say over a 100 or 150 is good for the winter months. I am no expert but I would say your 136 level is excellent :)

    I take vit D3 through the winter months as had deficiency previously also. I am due for testing again in January. I take just 1,000 iu daily during winter which my doctor said for me is very safe.

    3 months on this amount of D3 brought my levels from 36 to 63 when first diagnosed deficient in Vitamin D (a few years back now).

    I think if my vit D levels were 136 I would be very happy.

    Best wishes BC

  • I know one can overdose in taking Vit D. But what happens if you are "underdosed". I am all for finding vit D as supplement and in food.

    I take cornflakes with raisins and cashew nuts. Raisins are rich in calcium and boron (which is also good for strong bones).

    Cashew nuts contain zinc, magnesium and iron; and is a good source of vit B1, folic acid (necessary to absorb iron) and potassium. Not bad for cornflakes!

  • I don't do cornflakes, too much sugar, however I do have a good diet as my dentist and hairdresser tells me :) good hair, teeth and gums ;)

  • Under dosing on Vit D can lead to depletion of calcium in the bones.

    I just put up a post about it xxx ...... I take 1000iu D3 daily too

  • Thank you. I saw my consultant last month he ask me to have my levels re done, I've not heard anything so I assume everything is ok and I just carry on taking them.

    Kim xxxx

  • What dose do you take Kim?

  • To begin with it was 2 capsules once a week Colecalciferol 20000u for 3 months now I take just one a week.

    Kim xxxx

  • A good way of increasing vitamin #D and Calcium is to eat oily fish such as sardines or pilchards dont take out any bone just mash them in as that is where the calcium is.

  • I might try that I like pilchards reminds me of being a kid. Sunday tea, bread and pilchards, blancmange then cake if you were lucky, me and my 5 siblings mum and dad happy days.

    Kim xxxxx

  • Blancmange, one there's a blast from the past! Did you also have to have herring roes on toast? Gawd, they used to make me gag.

    I share a tin of sardines with my dog once in a while, must do it more often. Fresh sardines are yummy grilled if you can bear the pong of cooking. X

  • No never had them, Sunday tea was always special bath hair wash and Sunday tea, sometimes had jelly but you could only have the sweet if you ate the savoury. We were as poor as church mice, didn't realise at the time, all I remember is the overwhelming love I felt from my parents sadly both died really young but they left some lovely memories. Xxxx

  • That's lovely that you had such loving parents. I wasn't so lucky but best forgotten, no point in carrying grudges or bitterness. I love it that others have happy memories & made sure my kids had plenty and no nastiness whatsoever. Xxx

  • We were very lucky I'm sorry you can't say the same. Unfortunately my parents spilt when I was 12 which really hit me hard never heard them have a cross word which is testament to their parenting skills. I never had the opportunity to try I was never blessed with children. But not to worry I have many other skills.

    Kim xxxx

  • :) xxxx

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