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.................Queens Medical Centre

Yes, I was allowed out for an appointment at the QMC.

It appears that I had broken three ribs, pulled my stomach muscles, and ruptured my spleen.

All through coughing.

Everything is well on it's way to mending and hopefully I won't cough so hard in the future.

Apparently the steroids had caused my ribs to weaken.

I have missed Breathe Easy Christmas Party

Trent Vineyard Carol Service

Church Christmas Coffee morning

NRRU Events Committee Christmas lunch

and I am now still told I have to take things easy

That's life


Soon be Christmas

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Cripes King, that's certainly more than your fair share.

I hope you'll carry on doing the right thing, you know it makes sense!

I bet they wil all know that your non appearance to events shows you're unwell.



Got to do as I am told.Boring peeg

Oh King, I've missed your good nature. Athletes were a large belt around the belly. I have a warming large belt which envelops that whole part. It's elasticated.

I eat raisins with my cornflakes and banana and cashew nuts! I say this because raisins contain boron as well as calcium for strong bones Vit D is also essential to the bones to absorb calcium from food.

I don't recommend calcium tablet. My experience showed that it made me terribly constipated! And research shows that this addition under tablet is not really absorbed properly!

I shall send a "calcium" prayer to God that he may strengthen you. Take it easy and take care. It's good to hear from you.

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Really sorry to hear about your coughing and the damage it can cause, King. Best wishes for a good recovery. Hugs, pergola x


Thank you pergola Hopefully I am on the road to recovery

Well you don't do things by halves do you? You may have missed a few things but you're alive and kicking and that's what counts :) x

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Thanks scrobbity. Now I have to comply with what the wife tells me to do.!

A very discombobulated KOTC! Dont do it by halves do you, goodness gracious great balls of fire!Very glad your on the mend though,shame your missing all the celebrations,there still loads christmas and new year to come yet. :) Janexx

That's a big word ! Jane. Ah well Christmas is coming

Blimey king,that's a lot if damage you've done there.

Pleased you're ok.


I did not realise how much damage I had done. But hey, I'm on the mend Jambo

That's some damage there Richard. Be honest, the wife gave you a kickin' didn't she? I said she would get you for all those times you had a go at her. Dangerous creatures wimmin. Still, I'm pleased you are on the mend now. Keep it up.

regards, Bobby

Sch,sch Bobby ,or the truth will out !

King old man, do me a favor , next time you want to cough, get a cushion, hold it tight to your tum & bend over it as you cough, that way, you protect your tum muscles & insides too,

Thats a nasty injury,you,ve been more than lucky fella, please take care & for god sake stop picking on the wife, you know you don't stand a chance :P xxxx

My wife is my angel(At the moment) sillywitch

Quite right too fella, she,s an Angel all the time putting up with you, I think she needs the honors :P xxxx

That's sound advice from your friends KOTC. Glad to hear you are getting better even though you have missed some of the Christmas build up,. There's still lots of Christmas fun to come but take care. Apparently doctors are getting quite concerned about long term steroid use in lung conditions causing thinning of the bones.Have a good Christmas

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Were having a quiet Christmas this year katieoxo60

Me too

Oh King . No wonder you felt so ill. You must have been in terrible pain. Poor you! I'm so glad you are starting to get better. X


You girls don't know what real pain is.Oops Mavary

Sorry King I had to reply to that. I have four boys. Is that not enough pain. Ha! Ha!

You poor fellow KOTC, you must be a blooming tough 'un. Take good care of yourself so ou get well soon, the place is too quiet without you. xxx

You are never without me casper99

Good to know KOTC. xx

Poor you KOTC.

You are certainly going through the grinder.

Listen to that little voice saying "you must take things easy" I hope you will make a full recovery soon.

Have a nice Christmas and A happy healthy New Year.


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I am taking it easy,but with difficulty Tom

I know what you mean KOTC.

We humans don't take kindly to resting - doing nothing etc And if your anything like me, get board and stubborn and totally fed up with my lot when i`m told, " i`m not a chicken any more and have to do as I am told to recover"! NUTS...................................................

But at the risk of sounding like a millionth BROKEN DOWN RECORD.................Take it easy keep smiling and get well.

Best regards to you KOTC.


Well king, it's just as well you are tough as old boots! I hope you regain your strength really soon so you can defend yourself! Haha! :-) :-) :-) :-) Alison

Me,tough as old boots,I'm a right softy Alison

All I can say is ouch - glad you are now on the mend even if you have to take it slow. Off for a nap now - Dozy x

My you are in the wars King so sorry you missed all your Christmas trips and hope you improve soon. Bethan x

Thanks Bethan,I'm on my way up!

Really sorry you're not well KOTC, gotta look after yerself this time of year!!!

If you can't cough it up try Huffing!!

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I huff and I puff and try to do all the right things Lurcherman

Next time you find yourself coughing violently grab a cushion or pillow and hug it. Could save your ribs.

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I cuddle a pillow now which eases thing a lot antan

Oh KOTC ! I am sorry you've been through the mill, you must have felt like you'd gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson or Ali !!! when I get a bad cough I just throw up ,yuck! I'm sure I wont complain again as it couldn't ever be as bad as broken ribs and missing all the fun! Just think by being stuck in you are avoiding lots of nasty seasonal bugs! Get better and better every day in every way! hugs hufferpuffer :) xxx

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Thanks hufferpuffer..A lovely hug

Oh my goodness,you have been in the wars! Take care,& let the good wife administer her nursing duties to you! You will have to be a good boy now King,or Queenie will know where to hurt you lol! Seriously though, I do wish you all the best,& get better for christmas! xxx

Worse than I thought you have done so much entertaining with jokes that it did not show ....

Oh no it didn't

Enjoy your own Christmas and thank you for the daily tonics I look out for them as a highlight of the day.


Oh yes it did Ali

Oh King...wot you playing at ? Just you get mended soon and hopefully you'll be comfortable enough to enjoy Christmas itself :) Too bad you missed out on some of the events you had planned. I've just come back from a carol service which included a band and a buffet meal....among others they played Mary's Boy Child and Little Donkey.

I'm sure you'll remember those King and be able to catch up with a few more over the Christmas period.

Take things easy , Lovelight xx

Thank you for your kind words Lovelight

Sending very, very, gentle hugs king. Don't want to crack any more ribs. xx

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