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iv just had xray which showed a shadow . i was sent for ct scan which has came back with shadow lung could this be cancer. am so worried

i had a chest infection few weeks bk and after course of steriods and antibotics it had not cleared i was admitted to hosp was in for 5 days after another course of each it cleared but they found a shadow on my lung. the doc ref me for a mamagram and ct scan the mamagram was ok but ct scan which i had last week was not .the doc phoned me to tell me there is a shadow on my right lung but not to worry he is ref me to broadgreen hosp for a diff scan were i get injection. but easy said than done not to worry. if it was just scar tissue or still infection would they of seen this on first ct scan . i dont think it could be infection as feel ok now .but do have this contsent pain in back on side they said shadow is on . any infiformation or advise would be so much apprecated thk you x

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Hi Yvonne

Difficult not to worry hun but please try not to get ahead of yourself. A few years ago I had a couple of shadows which turned out to be 'remnants' from an infection. It is good though that you have a proactive team who seem to be looking after you well.

Hope this turns out well for you - let us know how you get on please.

Love cx


Thanks Cofdrop, much more reassuring words than I could muster. Night xxx

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Yvonne, hi, I can understand why you would be worried and afraid. Most folks here will be in bed now but perhaps someone who knows anything will pop in.

If not I can only suggest you ring the blf helplines tomorrow, they know very much . please do call in the morning they clock on at 9 or 9.30 or possibly even 10. Click on the red balloon top right for number and info.

Hope you can get some rest tonight, i,'ll be thinking of you. Peeg xxx

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The same thing happened to me in August. Ct scan showed 4cm shadow so I was sent for a PET scan which is the one with the injection. That came back as having reduced in size so they are giving me 2monthly ct scans to keep an eye on it. It seems that a bad infection can cause this shadow. Hope this allays your fears just a bit but |I know till the experts tell you whats what you will worry. Just try and take each day at a time, hope for the best.

love and hugs to you.



Hi Yvonne, It is much easier said than done - "don't worry"! I can imagine you are very worried. Two things firstly don't worry if the Doctor said not to, and try not to think about what it could be. Secondly please ring the BLF helpline (click on the red balloon for the number) they will be able to help you and calm your fears. Take good care of yourself, TAD xxx


know how worried you must b, I had a lesion on my lung and liver consultant said cancer was on the top of his list

after ct scans, mri scans, pet scan and 2 ct biopsys, it turned out to b scarring but i know how scared an worried i was, hope all goes well for you xx



This summer I had X-rays ct scans etc and the scarring on my lungs is sarcoidosis which is now being treated with steroids. Are we more prone to this type of condition ?

This happened to me. I like you was very worried. Even more worried when all my letters were for fast track clinics. After the shadow was found I had to go to Christies for a scan so I know how you are feeling. Mine was scar tissue from infections I had earlier in the year. It was a great relief I can tell you. The hospital are going to do regular scan just to keep an eye on things. I pray yours will be the same. I know nothing I say will make things better but I know all the lovely people on this sight are rooting for you.

Kindest G J

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Hi yvonne44, understand your feeling of worry, been that way myself. If you have been ill recently then that could be the reason for a shadow.I am sure if the doctors thought it was cancer they would soon have you back to clinic/surgery for further scans rather than delay. The scan with injection is more defining of what the shadow is.It can find more minute abnormalties before they get worse. So this gives the doctors a clearer picture, do not worry you are getting the best tests to reach a diagnosis.Enjoy Christmas and hopefully you will get your test quickly done. Thinking of you with every best wish

It can even be scar tissue.yes, it would still have shown up on the first scan too.Go in for the new scan, relax, and go from there.Let us know what you find out.

hi ya, how did your ct go. I have same symptoms and have my ct scan tomoz. sooo scared.:(

What did it turn out to be Yvonne???

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