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Hi all. Just to say my Husbands a bit better now. We went out yesterday to visit our sons. Ones family all have colds so we didn't go there. Another took their Daughter to a Pantomime of Cinderella. My Granddaughter is two and a half and apparently loved it. She was jumping up and down in her seat. I thought they may have had trouble with her not wanting to stay there. My Husband did very well. He didn't walk anywhere apart from walking from the car inside. He borrowed a scooter in the Garden centre and could wander a little. He doesn't like shopping much so soon got fed up. I am a confirmed shopaholic so with all the Christmas glitter I was happy. We had our dinner there. We aren't usually home for dinner on a Sunday as we like to see all the boys and their families. We left about eleven thirty in the morning and didn't get home till about six thirty so my Husband did very well. He didn't feel ill when he got back for the first time in about three weeks. He can't walk very far any more because of his oxygen levels. We know this is gong to get worse as IPF does. How is everyone else. X

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  • Bobby is good apart from having to clear up the mess wifey made wrapping up pressies yesterday. I have to admit her wrapping is a work of art and they look beautiful but oh the mess she makes. Then she just clears off to work and leaves me to it. Wimmin!

    Bobby xx

  • Good news indeed Mavary and sounds like a lovely time was had by all. Take care. xxxxx

  • Happy for you,that you had a lovely time,I'm sure your hubby will be enjoying a rest today! Xxx

  • Well done to your hubby. So pleased that you had a good time as well. IPF may be progressive but mine has been stable for a year. So get out and have fun, bit of walking, sitting, scootering - have fun, then nap! :D - Dozy x

  • Save some of the better for the big day lovely news enjoying life

  • So pleased Marvary for you both. Do hope thats the last of the nasties for the winter for the two of you ,that would be just grand. :) Janexx

  • That's brilliant news Mavary, to hear you had such a good day out with everyone including your husband. Thank goodness for shopping scooters, makes it much easier than the old style wheelchairs, one piece of modernisms we all appreciate. Have a happy Christmas and hope good health stays with you & your hubby , best wishes x

  • Glad you enjoyed your day out Mavary. Rest up now for the festivities ahead. Hope your Husband improves a little daily.

  • Bored.trying to cheer myself up


  • So pleased to hear your husband is feeling a bit better and what a lovely time you've had. Take good care. TAD xx

  • Very glad you got to go out together and have a good time. XxX

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