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Thank you so much for all the replies and advice you have sent. Duly went back to the hospital today, and my lung much clearer. Am going to be more regular with taking water tablets in future. Had neglected them because of a terrible year with arthritis, and it was terribly painful going backwards and forwards to the loo. So possibly have caused my own well as once being a heavy smoker! Anyway, saw a different Dr, who advised me not to rush out to buy a nebuliser. Have a copd review this week, with the practice nurse, and will ask her too. Also, as suggested, will insist upon seeing a Dr when resorting to the emergency pack, instead of phone appointments, which is what I have been having recently.

Can I say a huge thank you to Sunderland City Hospital as the staff went far beyond what they needed to do to look after me, and make it possible for me to go back home on Friday. Apart from one grouchy porter who nearly ran us down, and then pretended we were just not there!! Gave us a laugh!!

Thank you again.

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Thank you,that is what we are all here for,to support each other,Pleased things are better for you


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Hi, I find that if i dont drink enough water, i really do feel tighter in my chest and find i cough more. It could be pyschological, but I listen to my body and respond accordingly. Perhaps too little to late, but better late than never i say


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