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a week to go

today I feel rough me head is all bunged up cant think straight . got one week left at work probally do about 1500 miles all over the country in me truck . really shouldn't moan at least im working . then I have two weeks off . that's to do what the wife wants to do . probally drive round country visiting friends and family . got one of my granddaughters coming round at 2 she will want to play crib . she is only 12 we taught her to play about a year ago and now I really struggle to beat her ,mind you she makes me look silly on computer as well aint kids cleaver now .

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I Think they are all born with Ipads in their hands :):)

Sorry you are not feeling well, hope you manage to get through the week OK until your long break. I hope you get some time to just rest and chill out.

Have you a cold coming do you think? if its not too late try taking some 'first defense' I find thats brilliant for staving off a cold , but you have to take it at the first sign of a cold. It doesnt matter if you take it and you were not going to get a cold anyway. It may even clear your head a bit. I swear by the stuff its stopped me getting many a cold, its also good to take after you have flown, just in case someone on the plane had a cold

Hope you feel better soon

Love Sohara

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Hello Tobydoo wow thats alot of driving for you to do.Iagree with Sohara start protecting yourself now,and do you have rescue meds at the ready just incase.Takecare try and keep away from those sneezing and coughing.I do hope you manage to stay healthy and well. :) That reminds me of my mum and dad teaching my daughter when she was a little girl :)My grandchildren amaze me with their knowledge on all things techy . :) Janexx


Enjoy your two weeks at home.Take care



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