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Any vaccination or preventive measures to prevent lung disease?

I am from Canberra, Australia, moving to Liverpool, UK in early February 2014. I have got asthma (which is under control with Ventolin and Fluxotide puffs) and generally susceptible to upper respiratory track infection for which I have to take antibiotics when affected. In general, I could say I have weak lungs. Canberra has been good for me because of the dry weather with humidity averaging about 40%. I understand that Liverpool is lot more humid and wet than Canberra and that would make me more vulnerable to lung diseases.

Is there any vaccination or preventive measures that I could take to prevent lung disease when I start living in Liverpool? Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.

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Cheers all the best


Hello psc and welcome to the community. The only inoculations I know about are the ones I've had, the yearly flu shot and the one off pneumonia shot. As for preventative measures, common sense prevails, keeping away from people with infections, washing hands and not touching face with hands, you know, basic stuff. Keeping well is all down to good diet, regular exercise and a healthy upbeat outlook on life. I don't know what's induced you to move to Liverpool, but would recommend you cover your mouth with a scarf, as the cold air can play havoc with breathing, and I expect that coming from a drier, warmer climate, it'll affect you more so. Good luck with your move :) x

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Hi PSC, living in a British City will make quite a big difference to your health and not really for the better.

We have a lot of damp overcast weather with low cloud which makes the pollution hang around in the air for longer.

I used to live near the sea in North Africa, a similar dry climate to Oz and I long for that sun, warmth and clean air.

Best you can do is: keep strong and healthy, work on boosting your immune system to help resist bugs then fight them if you catch something.

Eat well for optimum health, keep to a healthy weight, if you smoke stop it ASAP.

When you get here don't join the 1st GP practice you come too, ask around and get advice from others in the area as to the best ones. They are most definitely not all the same.

Find a clean, less polluted area to live in. I'd be interested in others replies here as I'm going to have to leave my beloved London soon. Do people live on higher ground, nearer the sea or where?

If you have the opportunity, take out private health care - you won't regret it, the NHS is stretched to the limit.

As you have asthma you are entitled to free flu jab and request the pneumonia jab. We'll have different strains here and the concoction is different every couple of years - you can probably find out the ingredients in a British flu jab & see if the Oz one is the same then have one before you come.

Moving is pretty high in the stress levels and could knock your health for six so do look after yourself.

The best of luck with your coming move to UK :) ...... oh and start taking a super strength Vit D3, the sunshine Vit because you will need it! Peeg


Agree peeg :)


Hi, I live in liverpool and have severe copd and bronchiectasis. Im afraid the north west is said to be one of the worst places for air pollution, but please dont let that put you off its a wonderful city. I can also say that medically I have had excellent treatment from my gp and consultant at local hospital, please feel free to contact me for any info xx


Hi PSC2262, may I say good luck with your move to England in 2014 something to look forward to. Liverpool is a marvellous regenerated City, and I am sure it has a clinical research unit there, so you ought to receive brilliant medical care if you have any problems




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