Why do smokers diagnosed with COPD not quit smoking?

Since reading the Silly Woman post with a newspaper story of a woman using oxygen causing an explosion by lighting a cigarette the question of what happens when a lifetime of smoking can not be stopped. I discovered this research that makes interesting reading tobaccoinduceddiseases.com/... listening for how friends / family can assist when not every case is ignorant of the dangers. Avoiding a condescending attitude was another positive drawn from this research when using our own experiences for the greater good.

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  • The study found that knowing what had been drummed into them was not stopping them smoking a reason for asking the question why have they not stopped.

    Asking those who are still smoking why that is the case is more constructive than demonizing them as failures because as ex smokers we understand how easy it would be too be smokers again.

  • I was a smoker for many years. This past year I have visited A&E on a number of occasions to the point where I was admitted Aug/Sept this year. A few days before the admission, I had not put a cigarette to my mouth and the ironic thing is I was diagnosed with COPD 4 weeks later. I still havent put one to my mouth. Partly because my breathing was shallow and I couldn't inhale the thing anyway.

    I have never felt the need to give up before, however my breathing, or rather fighting to breathe told me otherwise.

    I'm not condoning those who do and I won't dictate as I did not like dictators/ex-smokers telling me I should give up. It is a hard habit to break and unfortunately unless you want to, or in my case have to, it is not going happen so easily....do you what? I actually miss a cigarette, but I will never put another lighted one to my mouth. I have learned the hard way.

    So I agree with mogli....why not stop indeed...

    My motivation for stopping was the not being able to breathe properly...phew!

  • It truly is a hard lesson we have been given I would only want this used in support of the less fortunate a dictator would have brought out my stubborn side dooming me to failure with all the consequences that would have. Keeping a light on for every last one that can stop smoking with COPD.

  • Am not into all this picking on smokers .. Ye should of had more sence ...

    But we could go on about why do hospitals treat drug addict football yobs .. should thay no better to

    Its just a shame she was not at parliament protesting at time in my opinan

  • The aim of the study was to describe difficulties of smoking cessation experienced by individuals with COPD who are unable to stop smoking. A caring approach for smokers and ex smokers using their experiences honestly with no need for deception.

  • A dont want sound abrubt but are thay going on about work place dust are thay going on about shiping producing more polution than cars planes.

    No just smokers even doctors dont know for sure what causes peoples lung diease Polution or Smoking

    Generally i only read stuff that as both sides

  • I read the article in the link, agree we should not pick on the 50% of smokers who do get COPD or any other smokers who become ill as many people become ill due to life style, we should not judge the poor addicts who succumb and struggle to quit the habit. Hospitals do treat those who are injured by hazardous sport and that is a persons choice to , to put themselves at risk. Oh and I am an ex smoker with COPD, but can site people who have smoked all their lifes without suffering COPD

  • Agree with all you say, Katie. Addiction is a terrible affliction, be it through substances or adrenaline rushes. Not all smokers get COPD, and COPD cannot be isolated to any one causation.

  • Causation cannot be linked with continuation

  • Correct coors, but addiction can be linked to continuation.

  • We can not change having COPD so asking how we got here is a different question from what can be done for those that cannot stop doing more harm because they are not one of the 50% that can smoke without lung damage.

  • True, but then no one was asking how we got into this position, just reiterating that smoking was not the only causation, as there are too many other factors that have to be brought into the equation. Rehabilitation programmes have a high failure rate amongst drug addicts and alcoholics. I cannot see any change in this trend for people who really don't want to give up smoking. I believe people have to make up their own minds, and chose how they want to live the rest of their lives. Intervention without their explicit compliance would be futile.

  • Abandon them when any attempt at rehabilitation is futile will that be our answer from the equation that balances human life lower than zero when they cannot be parted from a life long addiction when given a COPD diagnoses.

  • I'd rather see any available resources spent productively, on trying to find a cure for lung diseases, rather than waste on hard core smokers who will go to their graves with a pack of 20 in their hands. They can make their own informed decisions on their life. It is not for others to dictate what they do, that's the beauty of living in a free society, the ability to choose. By the way, I do not condone smoking at all, only realise you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

  • Where would the line be drawn for supporting those worthy of resources.Who are we giving the power of life and death when making these decisions as an ex smoker my conscience would not have it be me.

  • Late reply, but true what you say initial

  • Living with it as best we can is not about blame for smoking more or less so it's deserved a terrible health price is paid. It's about caring for all who deserve better without prejudice.

  • Nicotine is more addictive than heroin, yet harmless in itself in the tiny quantities in cigs (lethal in large amounts). I have this theory that all human beings have hope, and it works against us in a situation like this, we hope we don't get copd but by the time we have it the addiction is out of control. I eventually did it, four years next months, but too late for me. People who have never smoked could never understand its grip. x

  • I hoped when I stopped that I would get my breath back it seemed reasonable at the time.

  • It's ok folks you can smoke and drink as much as you like. According to some scientists the universe is about to end. Ho hum, where's me fags. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Not again I am still not over the last end of the world

  • Hi years ago pensioners were given vouchers for cigs that was in the 50s ,servicemen could buy cigs duty free don't know when these concessions stopped .

    Why did we start in the first place , i have no idea xxx

  • All that counts now is we have stopped and we have COPD

  • I recall my father never smoking in his life but receiving a fag ration when in the Navy, used to give his ration to his mates who did smoke

  • Asking those that suffer how we can help should not be a taboo subject that turns it's back when our best advice cannot be followed. We should go the extra mile because it could have been us in the same situation.

  • Looks as if the word addict gives ideas which support brings about the best results. Stopping addiction must be cheaper than clearing up the misery it causes so a rehabilitation clinic for smokers that cannot save themselves will pay back funds spent many times over. Only the recent past we have anything arranged for stopping smoking but the ones who keep smoking are the hard core with a serious addiction that will kill without positive action.

  • Asking the "addicts" is a simpler step than giving without understanding

  • Strangely enough, the addictive element is man made and has never come under the scrutiny of the government. Nicotine addiction can be overcome in 24 to 48 hours...however manufacturers introduce more chemicals into tobacco thats sole intention is addiction. If the law was to ban this practice then quitting would be so much easier. However, although the Government appears to want everyone to quit, they do rely heavily on the duty they receive from tobacco sales. I never ever saw anything in the 60's linking smoking to health issues. In fact, if you look at the old news reels you will see our PM, Mp's etc smoking , even members of the Royal family.

  • Any further evidence on why it can be impossible for some poor souls to escape with their lives from smoking s grip will be most welcome. I have heard that four fires / explosions a year are caused by smokers using oxygen a danger from desperately addicted smokers that should not happen.

  • Biggest problem s lack of motivation possibly linked to depression. Explosions are rare and must some how be linked to mental impairment ie dementia or lack of common sense. I have a friend with early altzeimers and on oxygen therapy who's family go and buy him his fags etc. If they didn't, are they doing the best for him or abusing him. Until someone says he is no longer of sound mind, who makes the decisions for him? Not many years ago, fags were allowed in the wards as a means of keeping folk under control...who makes these decisions. I worked in a special, residential school, where lads as young as ten were allowed cigarettes under staff supervision...who made these decisions...

  • Children are not able to purchase cigarettes legally therefore the staff were supervising an illegal act

  • I am not the sufferer of COPD but joined the site to help my husband absorb as much information as possible. He doesn't use the internet.

    He has had a tough time with his COPD this last 4 years and almost constantly on Antibiotics as he is now.

    He also had a heart attack 2 weeks ago, having had Angina for 17 years.

    Hubby is 81 and a determined man coping as best he can.

    In our area were lucky to have a team of Respiratory Nurses who will come to the house to visit when he needs help.He has a course of Steroids and Erdotin to take with the AntiB's to help with the inflammation and mucus.

    He's done a couple of courses at the rehab centre and was booked for another session shortly but the Cardiac Unit run a rehab class that needs to be done to build him up again.

    I don't know if the constant coughing put the strain on his heart to cause the heart attack. Does anyone have any idea on that?

    Like my hubby, I am past my prime and am starting to struggle getting through each day after long sleepless nights from his chest noises and coughing.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful christmas a healthier new year.

  • Hi GrannyA,welcome to the site,hope you find some comfort here,they're a good bunch of supportive people,whom enjoy a laugh as well!

    I'm afraid I can't answer your question about the coughing,maybe someone else will know?

    It sounds as if hubby is a pretty determined man,& doing the best he can.

    It's important though,that you look after yourself too.Lack of sleep,can be very wearing.

    Wishing you & hubby,a Happy Christmas,& a better New Year,love Wendells xxxx

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