Breathing Tests Went Well. Mattcass

Hi All, Everything was better than OK my tests showed I have clawed some Lung space back on my own not a lot but better than the other way round, The respiratory nurse was excellent she could see I was struggling with my RA and the trapped nerve and tried to make thing easier for me the only long and painful part was the gas transfer part my mouthpiece kept letting in air as my Jaw was so sore from my RA, But the other good news is I have lost 9 lbs in two weeks with the help and support of you all RA has eased off for now so back in the gym for some gentle exercises, Again Thx for all your replies. Matt/Fran

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Hi Bev Thank You. Matt

Well done Matt, so glad it went well for you yesterday Julie x

hi Julie Thank You. Matt

Hi Mattcass, it must be good to hear there is a slight improvement. RA is awfully painful. My cousin and I were both diagnosed with it in 2004, my diagnosis was changed to possible Lupus, or, as they now call it, undifferential connective tissue disease, which is a right gobful and gets me many baffled looks when I have to tell nurses ect... lol.

He has been through hell. It was affecting his liver and everything. But, last year, he was taken off the Mex (Can't spell it.) as it was making him feel so poorly and he said he is feeling so much better and is now working again. So, hopefully, it is burning itself out or is in remmission. Take care. xx

Hi Casper99 Thank You I'm so glad your cousin is feeling better and yourself also,Matt

Well done Matt. I'm ashamed to say I'm not exercising as much as I should. Maybe it ought to be my New Year Resolution. Exercise and weight gain.

Hi Suzy Dont be ashamed just try a wee bit when you can,or in my case Exercise and weight loss.Matt

I am afraid I should exercise more, Suzy. I have a great cd - Move it or lose it. Probably would do better if I had company.

Hi pergola 1 Thank You Very Much.Matt

Great news well done Matt xx

Hi Tadd Thank You very much.Matt

Glad to hear your news, Matt. x

Well done Matt its good when your hard work pays off keep it up M8



Hi Eck Thanks, how did it go yesterday, matt

Hello Matt good to "see" you back posting again and hopefully getting a break from that awful pain .

The meet the experts was very informative and positive the speakers were the best we have in Scotland , from your side of the country Nic Hirani was excellent .

What was disturbing was the fact that we dont have any specialy train ILD nurses in Scotland otherwise there seems to be loads of research and trials going on for IPF



Nice to hear your good news Mat. Inflam arth is sooooo painful and very draining - your spirits must be lifted.


Hi C, Thank You very much, I will remember that line when I have my first Vodka Later. Matt

He he - enjoy! cx

Well done with the grit and determination :) x

initial, I thank you. Matt

Good news Matt. Keep going.

Hi There thank you very much. Matt

Applause, applause. Well done, all that work paid off. Positive thinking 1 Adversity 0 .

You've done so well, just got to get pain free for Christmas.

Hugs to you and Fran love Dozy x

Hi Dozy, I will have a pain free Xmas even if i have to double up my Steroids.Matt

It's good news week.Well done Matt


Hi KOTC Thank You Very Much,Matt

Hi mattcass, well done to you and glad things went well for you. You and Fran must be happy with the results and hope you are on the up now. xxxx

Hi Sassy59 Thank You.Matt

Well done Matt, I'm put to shame by the determination you show, I,ll try & do better

really pleased you had such good results :)

Karen xxxx

HI Karen thank you very much. Matt

Matt you are a star how made up did you feel, so deserved smiling faces for a change brilliant for you all. :) Janexx

Hi Jane, thank you very much,Matt

Gold star for Matt!! Your persistence never fails to move me.

Great news,have a wonderful Xmas with Cass,& keep on,keeping on!! xxxx

Hi Wendels, thank you and the same to you. Matt

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