..........................................ADVENT 12

Once upon a time there was a king in Lapland called Rudolph. He had bright ginger hair so his people called him Rudolph the Red.

Now Rudolph the Red was bad-tempered and argued a lot. He gave his poor wife, Gertrude the Green, a terrible time. No matter what she said he had to argue.

One winters day Gertrude the Green looked out of the palace window and said, ''Oh dear, it's snowing again. You'll have to clear the footpath before mother comes to tea.''

''Humph!'' Rudolph the Red grunted. He didn't fancy shifting snow and he didn't want Gertrude the Green's mother coming to tea.

''That's not snow. It's rain !'' he argued.

''But it's white and fluffy and drifting.'' Gertrude the Green tried to tell him.

Rudolph the Red hid behind his newspaper and snapped, ''It's rain.''

Gertrude the Green knows snow, darling !''

Yes retorted her husband. ''And Rudolph the Red knows rain ,dear !''

'' What a great title for a song!'' Gertrude the Green exclaimed.



Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer had a .........



Doctor,doctor I'm scared of Father Christmas

Dr: You're suffering from Claus-trophobia




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O my! KOTC you tickled me! I feel a little Christmasy after that one, lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thank you, twelve days to go tomorrow o dear! :) xxx

It is getting to you now hufferpuffer as you say 12 days to go tomorrow

I bet you hang jokes on the Christmas tree!

My Christmas tree is a joke ! helingmic

Chortle, - Happy Christmas, KOTC.

You to pergola1

We'll chortle along with a joke and a song salsa

He,He, He Happy Christmas KOTC hope santa sends you some jokes for Christmas. Hope you are well

Thanks katieoxo60.I am beginning to feel better

Oh No! Claus to Phobia. Rain Dear. Loved it. You've got me singing Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer now! Ha! Ha! X

I have succeeded,join the choir Mavary

Poor old Gertrude what a life that must of been soon be Christmas and that cheered Rudolph up


I guess so Ali

That was a real beaut! Happy Xmas King,to you & your wife xxxx

Greetings to you and yours as well Wendells

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