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New to UK LifeChoice ACTIVOX Portable oxygen concentrator (purchased july 2013)

15 hr battery operation new lightweight 2.2kg pulse-wave technology it has auto, active and sleep mode. Supplementary battery, protective bag & 4way strap, mains power & in car charger, spare filters, nasal cannulas accessory bag and instruction manual. 1to3 litres per minute on-demand oxygen. Airline Approved. Amazing value.

(Only used for 6weeks) my mother found this concentrator Amazing, lightweight and so discreet and allowed to travel abroad with ease.

£2,200.00 (ono)

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Not new my m8 Brian has been using one for the last six years. NHS Funded


Could not afford it.


I love my NHS Inogen concentrator it has a spare battery and car charger, lasts for hours and goes up to 5 litres a minute, I didn't have to pay for it. :)


your very lucky! What NHS Region are you in? In East Sussex we have to buy our own, they do however pay for liquid oxygen - lucky I have a garage to store tank.


Oh Tina....... i had one of those...... terrible thing... there pulling that unit off the market - not enough evidence that it holds saturations...... !!! good luck in selling it....... the company i dealt with were horrid..... full on sales people..... no thought or care from them disgusting...... i now have a focus and a freestyle AMAZING units....Another company that do care... GOOD LUCK ANYWAY. x x x x x x


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