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I am sitting here thinking that you all are sleeping or "getting up to something". There is a lot to do at Christmas, but I am at the time, sitting here thinking what makes me REALLY laugh, on the TV. I have read an article about Gogglebox (Channel 4) For me it is the funniest programme with some wonderful characters. I haven't said a lot about it to husband in case he rides it down. I look at it, start laughing and coughing at the same time. Wonderful for me. It hasn't been a year for giggling but 2014 should be better. SO Good wishes and hugs for a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all. xxxx

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Hi pergola

I so agree. Gogglebox is a hoot - some of their comments are priceless. You just get over one laugh before another comes along. Loved the comments about Kirsty Allsops Christmas tat programme - soooo funny. Just can't get over how much they all seem to eat whilst watching telly though.

Lots of joy, peace and improved health to you too hun and to everyone here.

love cx

pergola1 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Good to hear, Cofdrop. I expect activity will start tomorrow night when Silly Witch makes an entrance. Good night to all xx

Hi pergola1.

Nope not sleeping, not getting up to anything either ( the mind is willing but the body just wont play"

I have not watched googlebox but if it makes you laugh and cough..........it must be better than beating the bejesus out of your chest to clear your lungs.

Have a nice HAPPY Christmas and healthy New Year.



Hi Pergola! Glad you found something good on the tv,especially to be able to laugh!We have a UK channel here,but haven't heard of that one,will watch out for it though!

Xmas greetings to you & hubby,hope things are continuing well for him,& have a great start to the New Year,with your move,but don't overdo it though,love Wendells xxxx

pergola1 in reply to Hidden

Best Christmas to you and Harry - do hoe you have a more peaceful new year! xxx

Hello pergola1, it's always good to have a laugh. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


happy xmas and all best wishes to you and all yours at this time, best wishes for 2014,hope its a good one for all of us,xxx

Well I got up this morning I had an appointment with the nurse at my GP's then went to the market to pick up the veg I asked for parsnips when I got home I had a bag of tomatoes back home now feet up.

It has to be Mrs Browns boys for me.

Thanks, flibberti! Noisy afternoon here - grandchildren have a NERF gun here - not recommended for peace and quiet!!!

To add to your fun, I was told by a psychologist: remember this best show. Really feel what it does to you, do you bend over with laughter, Do you feel your throat muscles convulsing with joy? Your fist baning the cushion? Take this picture well into your mind.

When you hit a bad patch, remember that scene that made you laugh so much, it will make you feel better.

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