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A Scottish Fairy

A Scottish Fairy

I am a wee little fairy

On tap o' the Christmas tree.

It's no a job I fancy,

Well how would you like tae be me.

AW tarted up wi' tinsel,

It's enough tae make ye boak.

An a couple of jaggy branches,

Rammed up the back o' your frock.

An these wee lights aroon me

I canna get Nae sleep.

An there's the yearly visit

Frae Santa - the big fat creep.

On Christmas Day I'm stuck up here

While you're a' wiring in.

An naebody says "Hey, you up there,

Could ye go a slug o' gin?"

The Christmas tree's a bonny sight,

As the firelight softly flickers.

But think of me - I'm stuck up here.

With pine needles in my knickers.

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Love it , hope you are feeling a lot better Dorothyxxxx

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Love it, xx


Nice one Berwick. Keep 'em coming. I hope you are feeling better now.



Love it Berwick, I'm looking at my tree fairy in a whole new light Julie x


Liked that - poor old fairy - must have problems in the toilet department. SMILEY


I have been full of compassion and taken my angel off the tree



What have you done with your wife now KOTC, ???????Berwick LOL




fantastic M x


Great Berwick, Not putting an angel up this year, kept falling off last year. Got a Me to You glow in the dark topper instead. Keep the poems coming please. Cheryl


The poem made me lol, as we have been having trouble keeping our new fairy on the tree, perhaps we have the answer now Berwick, (pine needles in the pants) had to cut her in half in the end!!! but all good, can anyone explain to me how I print the poem off, I would like to send it on to a friend in their card, Thanks for the laughs, Happy Xmas, Gilliann x


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