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Family Tree

Family Tree

In my garden stands a tree,

Its trunk is stout and tall.

Bright with blossoms in the Spring;

While leaves in Autumn fall.

And though it's very old now,

Such memories were made,

As children grew and laughed and cried,

Beneath its pleasant shade.

But now it is a symbol

Of yet another tree,

With branches spreading far and wide

Over land and sea.

When I look through my window

To watch new blossoms grow,

I think of generations

who lived so long ago.

In my heart there is a tree,

Its trunk is stout and tall,

The blossoms are my children

And memories I recall.

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love your poems ,my son in law is a tree surgeon and he tells me trees have feelings Dorothy xxx


Wonderful, and so heartfelt. I do enjoy your poetry. Thanks x

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Of course trees have feelings. We have a little Spindle tree in our tiny back garden, it gets a few little blossoms on it, but it never gets fruit. I think it's sad because we don't have any birds come down for the nuts, seeds and fat we put out. So none sit among its branches. :-(


I love trees, tall, grand, and beautiful. I go around NT grounds and just love the trees. We have a nut tree at the back which attracts squirrels, and a rowan tree in front. I grew up in an avenue of chestnut trees, and used to collect conkers. Really liked your poem, it was beautiful.


What a lovely TREEt


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Beautiful ! Poemsgalore.




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