I have 97 SAT, Pulse 75, BP 78/140 and I have diagnosed as a Stable Angina patient

I get a sharp pain in the centre of the chest, on the sternum and sometime it radiates to the left arm. I take half a tab of Sorbitrate 5 mg, place it under the tongue and after a few minutes it disappears. The pain appears particularly after meals, or when I walk or in the night if I go to the toilet for urinating. However, the pain is not always predictable, I walk a lot, and I indulge in plenty of physical activities also. What should I do?

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  • Hello transcom22, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you're suffering these symptoms. I take it you've discussed your symptoms with your doctor, but if not, I'd recommend you give your doctor a call. Or, if you click on the big red balloon you'll get the phone number for the BLF, and you could speak with one of the BLF nurses, who should be able to give you advice on your condition. Take care.

  • Sounds like your doing a tad much ... Sats are above normal and are pre hypertsion bp etc 75/125 are classed as normal .. Over that is pre hypertsion i would go and see GP esp as you have angina

  • sounds like your angina is not stable if it was you would not be gettingpain, you may need your meds reviewd I have had stable angina for 15years

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