~~This is ADVENT 10~~Christmas Carols~~HEE HEE

.............................Christmas Carols

One night Freda went carol singing.

She knocked on the door of a house and began to sing.

A man with a violin in his hand came to the door,

Within half a minute tears were streaming down his face ! Freda went on singing for half an hour, every carol she knew and some she didn't.

At last she stopped.

''I understand,'' she said softly,'' You are remember your happy childhood Christmas days.

You're a sentimentalist!''

''No'' he snivelled, ''I'm a musician ! ''



It's the season to be jolly............



What did Adam say on the day before Christmas.

It's Christmas EVE




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  • Oh dear. :)

  • ~~What can the matter be Puffthemagicdragon ?

  • Freda needs singing lessons ! :)

  • Tuition can be supplied for Freda if required.

  • You can sing, KOTC - let us have an earful SMILEY

  • Could make folk weep with my singing just as easy ;-)

  • Is your voice so romantic then Bully?

  • Same here, I'll leave it to others. Funny though. xx

  • Practice makes perfect poemsgalore. I'm sure you would soon be in tune

  • Tra la la la la la la la laaaaa!... I was reading that singing is good for your lungs! I'm afraid I haven't got a great voice but my name is Carol! if I came carolling at your door you'd probably wouldn't like it very much! :) x

  • Hi Huff, does your reply here mean that you are a Christmas Carol :)

    Sorry, just couldn't resist :O xxxxxx

  • What are you like sillywitch? Nice one though

  • Yes Witch I am! hohoho....lalalalalalalaaaaaa! ;) xxxx

  • Another good one,,it's good to laugh lol.

  • Very true breather

  • I hope not. I'm a bloke ! Hehe. :) x x x x

  • You would be very welcome Carol between 7-7.05pm on any Wednesday

  • You would be very welcome, huffer. A mincepie for you.

  • What can I say KOTC. They get worse each time LOL berwick

  • The spirit of Christmas Berwick EH!

  • Another good one, it's good to laugh lol.

  • How about forming a choir, that chap on the TV could come and knock us into shape. Senior moment here, cant remember his name. Ginger beard x

  • I can only ever remember the chorus of carols, so I'll just join in on that bit.

  • We'll all sing together Riverbank

  • While shepherds washed their socks by night all seated on the ground

    The angel of the laundry came down and suds flew all around

    a Christmas Carroll for a Riverbank washing all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  • That's a new one to me, lovely bev

  • Very good pandaz, and a merry Christmas to you to

  • Love it King.

  • Goody,goody.

  • You are in a festive mood Bev

  • Hi Bev. You ok. X

  • I can smell a festive gathering here!! How about some punch?

  • I used to have to make punch for 1,500 guests at the annual Holly Ball at the Grand Hotel in Torquay


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