Thank You All, Mattcass

Hi All, I would like to thank you all for your kind words and concerns It has been one off the worst weeks to date yet, I promise I will put it on a post when my hands get better it will make good nighttime reading, I am feeling a lot better now and hopefully stay this way for while at least, Sorry to hear about Ronnie and we wish her a speedy recovery.Matt/Fran

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  • Pleased you are improving best wishes keep it up.

  • silversurfer, Thank You. Matt

  • Good to see you back and starting to recover M8



  • Hi Eck thank you, and how are you doing.Matt

  • Doing ok just now M8 , Going to a BLF meet the experts workshop this Thursday at the Marriot in Glasgow . Hoping to get some info on specialist centres for IPF in Scotland



  • Well done you, can't keep a good man down. hugs for you and Fran - Dozy x

  • Hi Dozy, Thank You, Hugs back to you.. Matt

  • Take care Mattcass and hear from you soon. xxxx

  • Hi sassy59 Thank You.Matt

  • Hi Stitch Thank You. Matt

  • All the best, matt and fran for a peaceful Christmas, and a much healthier New Year x

  • Hi pergola 1 Thank you and the same to you.Matt

  • Hi Matt so pleased you are feeling better take care love Dorothy xx

  • Hi Dorothy Thank you. Matt

  • Hi Matt its good to hear your on the road to recovering now.Your poor hands oucher god knows how you cope ?Although I have this in my neck and spine.It has only just started in the knuckles of 4 of my fingers it is driving me bonkers at the mo really not liking it.You are extraordinary strong man I take my hat off to you,Im a bit of a wimp.:) Janexx

  • Hi Jane there were two or three times if you had seen me you would have seen a wimp,Thanks Matt

  • All the best Matt, hope you are seeing some improvement, can only echo what Jane says above, you are one determined fella. Libby x

  • Hi Matt. Sorry you have had such a bad week but glad you are a bit better now. You hurry up and get really better.

  • Hi Mavary Thank You.Matt

  • Take good care Matt and get well soon.

  • Glad your on the mend. Take care. Cheryl

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