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Worse than thought and very worrying after reading this a visit to docs will be my next action.

My snoring is really bad when my chest is not so good (when I can get asleep that is) its been recorded on a mobile because I did not believe that I had any sleep.

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Hi Chiggles. My Husband has sleep apnoea and has a C Pap machine which blows air into his throat to keep it open. It is an amazing machine. Before he had it he would stop breathing for about thirty seconds sometimes. When he at last took a breath he would give a huge snore. He snored all the time anyway. It was enough to nearly shake the house. Since he has been on the machine he doesn't snore any more. He snored all his life till he had the machine and is still here at seventy four. He has got a serious illness but it is not caused by snoring so don't worry too much about it. I think you are wise maybe to have a word with your Doctor but I'm pretty sure he will say don't worry.


I read the article in the paper and thought of Pete as he snores quite badly sometimes. He did a sleep study a little while ago but we heard nothing. Will chat to hospital doctor when we go on the 16th so may be able to find out more then. Very worrying though. xxxx


Thanks Stitch. Pete wants to wait to see his consultant next week and if no luck, then we will go and see the sleep study people in the hospital. Hope you are doing ok. xxxx


I went to see my GP he asked if I snored when I have had a spine block and I'm able to sleep I snore like a train.


Yes, snoring and sleep apnea go hand in hand. However being a snorer doesn't automatically means that you have sleep apnea.

Next to that I wanted to assure you that you do not always have to start using a CPAP or have to undergo surgery to stop the snoring when you suffer from sleep apnea. Research showed ( that mild forms of apnea can also be threated by using a anti snoring mouthpiece. I bought mine at

So, just to be save please go to your GP. He or she will tell you what to do.

Good luck,



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