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I posted the other day I had called the respiratory nurse and that the sputum said I didn't have an infection.

Wrong I was woken by a stabbing pains bottom of my right rib by my lung couldn't get my breathe, called ambulance and they gave me a nebuliser which I don't normally have within minutes I could breathe. They insisted I went hospital where blood test confirmed I do have an infection, I now have more steroids and a new AB Doxycycline only 1 hundred mg tablet a day is this normal I normally have 3 125mg of Co amoxiclav.

Kim xxxx

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  • Hi Kim, sorry to hear you are unwell.get better soon. The normal dose for doxycycline is 100mg daily


  • Thank you, that's ok then I didn't know.

    Kim xxx

  • That's exactly what I said to the very nice doctor I saw today. My consultant said my infections obviously manifest as pain, I have clear sputum results, I don't cough up much gunk even with carbocisteine I even had a blood gas of 98 today. Doesn't alter the facts I have an infection, not a huge one thankfully. I shall be ringing the respiratory team Monday, how come I've never been given nebuliser I wonder.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Kim. That's what my Husband has just been given. He has just come out of hospital last week. He had Clarithromycin, doxycycline and steroids before he went in. They had him on some kind of penicillin IV in there and they sent him home with Amoxycillin and more doxycycline. I had the Practice Nurse out on Friday and she gave my Husband more doxycycline which is 100 mg. we always find doxycycline works best on my Husband. He was nearly better but must have caught a cold in hospital.

  • Thanks Mavary

    Im so sick of it been going on since June just can't seem to kick it into touch, hopefully this new antibiotic will work. Fingers crossed.

    Kim xxx

  • Hi Kimmy

    Yes usual dose is 2 to start with and 1 a day thereafter, although some bronchs, me included need to take 1 twice a day. Get better soon.

    love cx

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