P.I.P is giving me the PIP...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well - I am still waiting to hear the result from my PIP home assessment which took place on 2nd August. My actual application for PIP was made on 10th June this year.... each time I have phoned to see what the progress is, it's the same story from a script "it's waiting to be reviewed by a Senior Health Professional before it then goes to the Decision Maker at DWP...." you can't get any time scale out of them and you can't talk to anyone else. In fact I tried getting through the other day and was on hold the first time for 30 minutes before giving up, then tried again later, and the same thing. So you don't get any kind of result when enquiring (or trying to) about your claim.

I hope the chasing is all worth while when they finally do get to sort it out - somehow though, I think all this waiting is literally for nothing. It just doesn't seem fair if others who need the extra financial support are also left waiting for such a long time.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Jean :-)

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I did mine when it was still DLA and don't recall any major wait, but that's all gone haywire now it's changed to PIP. One good thing, if it is awarded it's backdated to the time of your application, so could mean a bit of a windfall. It must be horrible not knowing one way or the other for so long, it can make a huge difference to a disabled person. It's a complete shambles. Libby x

Thanks Libby, daft thing is, I applied when it was DLA and was informed within 2 weeks that I wouldn't get it. My health deteriorated significantly not long after, hence the new application just as it changed to PIP... but you're right - it can make a huge difference and it is definitely a shambles.

Sorry to hear that jean,they we're suppose to come to me on the 11th November for an assessment,but they didn't even bother to turn up,no phone call nothing,for nearly a month now I've called each week,on hold like you for ages to be told that there's no one in my area to do the assessment,and I will just have to wait.its disgusting.good luck


That's awful John... it's all such a mess. I feel like a real nuisance when I ring, but I don't care - I'll harass them as often as possible (and I know they're typing every word I say in the background!). I can't believe that they didn't bother letting you know they weren't coming. There's just no faith in the 'system' anymore and I feel it's going to get much worse. I do hope you hear something soon.


Hope you hear soon Jean, and it's a good result. Sadie xx

Shoddy treatment! They really shouldn't be allowed to get away with this poor performance. Write to your MP, explaining your situation, the lengthy time you've waited, the lack of response when phoning, etc. He may be able to get someone to respond to the question of how much longer have you to wait before you hear their decision.

To be honest, I feel like letting the press know - not about me so much, but generally who people like us (and others) are just 'fobbed' off by a system that is clearly not working

Similar story here I applied in July and am still waiting to be assessed. Get fobbed off on the phone every time - they need exposing in the press.

They are playing with figures and targets newstatesman.com/2013/11/5-...

the problem could be because atos are no longer doing the assessments so it has reverted back to to the way it was done under dla

It's now a company called capita that do the assessments,and they are terrible to deal with.

To be honest it was easier to deal with atos,at least you could get hold of them.

It was Capita that did my assessment. I had an assessment last year with ATOS for ESA and that was just as bad as they claimed I was fit to work!! Won my appeal but we really, really shouldn't be made to go through this drama...

It's an absolute joke Jayene,I called capita again yesterday,was on hold 46 minutes only to be told by some jobs worth that they would get round to me when they can,and that I'm wasting my time keep calling as there is a procedure they have to go through.i argued with her, then why was my assessment booked for 11th November,no one turned up and why am I still waiting ?? Funnily enough the phone went dead.! I have complained.

I put in a claim for DLA in May before it went to PIP I was turned down I got the letter 5 weeks after they made the decision I asked them to look at it again they told me it would take 11 weeks don't phone them again that gives them till the 16th December I had a letter last week saying they could not give me a decision yet. I also put in a fresh claim for ESA in June I'm still waiting they told me they had sent it to the tribunal the tribunal service told me they had not I phoned them again on the 14th October they sent a email to the tribunal to get my claim back don't ask me where it is now. I sent a letter to my MP and I'm going to the local job centre on Monday to ask them to find out surely they have a time limit to complete the claim??????????????????????

Apparently not. When I ring, the answer's always the same: "We are dealing with claims in order and yours will be dealt with in turn..." They say they can't tell me when it will be 'reviewed' by the Snr Health Professional, and no, they can't say when I will hear anything. You can't even talk to anyone else other than the voice in the call centre - and that's your lot! Left hanging and not knowing when you'll hear anything...!

Hi Jayenne go to your local job centre they will contact DLA for you ask to see a benefit adviser I did that today I asked about a claim I put in June for esa I should of had a medical in September 13 weeks after my claim went in I have not had a medical and because of the back log they can't tell me when I will get one my money has stopped and its now a question of how long is a piece of string a letter is going out to my MP tonight.

I think I will write to my local MP - it's beyond a joke for everyone from what I'm reading and far worse than it ever was. Do they not realise people are out there trying to survive on what little they get? Hope it all works out for you :-)

I phoned my GP today because the lady at the job centre called DLA for me they told her they were still waiting for information from my GP it was sent back to them on 12th November that is nearly 4 weeks ago

I applied for PIP in July and am apparently near the top of the list for assessment! I am only allowed to go to the nearest assessment centre because the others are "too far away" according to the DWP. They are not in the car. I've decided that I will write to my MP next week to complain.


Doesn't seem to matter who does it because they'll still decide that we don't need any further help. It's ridiculous because this is people's lives and health that they are messing about with! Complete and utter shambles and operated by monkeys. Surely it's time that someone realised just what is going on? Mind if like me you live outside the centre of the universe (Nth of Watford gap services in Grimsby Lincolnshire)you won't get much joy because nothing exists beyond this point,sorry lol. Take care and breathe easy Aidi x :-)

I have just failed the mobility part of P I P , we loss our car on Jan 4th . I sailed thru the first part but got 10 for the second part and needed 12 to allow us to keep the car . Been ill for 14 yrs and this is our third car . I have rang them but unable to get them to give me more points . We are O A P s and car was our lifeline , what a lovely Christmas present . Neil Chamberlain

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