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~~Get in the spirit ~~ADVENT 6~~ KOTC

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ADVENT 6

~~~~~~~~~~~~Santa buys a hearing aid.

Santa, hard of hearing, realises that he needs to buy a hearing aid, but he is short of cash.

''How much do they cost?'' he asks the shopkeeper.

''That depends'' he says'' they run from £20 to £2,000.''

''Let's see the £20 model'' asks Santa

He puts the device around Santa's neck instructing, ''You just stick this button in your ear and the wire down into your pocket.''

''How does it work ?'' Santa inquires

''' For only £20 it doesn't work,'' the shopkeeper replies ''But when people see it on you they'll shout at you''


Mistletoe and wine,children singing christian rhymes..........



Where do snowmen go to dance?





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Ho ho ho, as Santa would say. Another gem King, Hope you are feeling better today. Kath xx

Hey KOTC, your giving Santa a raw rub this year. I am going report you to the the royal society of Santas and elves. No pressies for you . He, he, he. Berwick


That was a good one KOTC....:):)

Poor old Santa x

It's a cracker though!!

What was that KOTC please turn the light on I cant hear you :) Janexx

Oh dear King, I've just spotted your name on the naughty list :P :P :P


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Brilliant idea! Will probably work better than my NH ones.

It certainly was a cracker. Are you any better now? I hope you're getting there. Mavis. X

True to form another side splitter KOTC, don't know where you find them all

The King of Spain had horns built in his throne. Santa uses Chimneys to amplify the sound. that's why sometimes you can hear a cavernous voice in the chimney saying in the echo, What dooo you waaaant from Santa? Speak clearly after the tone, Beeep!

lol thank you xx

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