Hyperthyroid, breathless sometimes I feel pain on my heart

I was diagnosed hyperthyroid when I was little I got it from my mom, which she got it from her mom (my grandma), so it's like a chain I guess? anyway..I keep worrying about this hyperthyroid of mine,3years ago I started to feel pain on someparts of my body but it isn't just a pain,the pain is on my bones,I know this might be this thyroid problem because I got absent from drinking my meds,not only that I started to feel pain,breathless as well,today I felt like I almost fainted in my school,it's very hard to breath in my class while I was preparing for exam it felt like suffocate, feeling dizzy,uneasy, can't think at all,feeling numb in any parts of my body.well just like that, there were a lot of students in my class at that time,but it's rare for me to breath like this in a crowded room,I would breath normally even in a crowded place but at that time it didn't feel right :( one day before I had been breathless, but today was at the high I'm kinda scared if I will get it again the next day, last month I've checked my thyroid and it indicated as normal(?) But why today I feel breathless?it's weird.. actually sometimes I drink my med someyimes I don't cause I always in a hurry ,mom had stopped taking her meds too for like years, and she's okay at all but how abot me? I hate hyperthyroid it ruins my memory and make me sweaty hands =A=

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  • Hi Rina, are you in the UK? If so you could ring The British Lung Foundation Helpline to discuss your breathing problems. Click on the red balloon for the number.

    Your breathing issues coud be unrelated to your hyperthyroidism - you really should take your meds to give you the best future btw.

    So my advice: see a doctor as soon as possible and tell her/him everthing you've written here. There are many things that could be causing your breathing problems and body pain. PLEASE SEE THE DOCTOR ASAP.

    Kind regards, Peeg xx :)

  • Unfortunately I'm not from UK, thanks for the tips btw ^_^ but I did a little research on the internet before,I was surprised that it wasn't only me who had the same symptoms also that person had hyperthiroid like me too and idk why her thyroid test also indicate that she's actually normal, I jumped through wiki to blogs read hyperthiroid symptoms and the impact,it says that hyperthiroid can cause osteoporosis and breathless,my mom once told me a story about she met a girl who had hyperthiroid and sitting on a wheel chair,the doctor said the patient's back bone is kinda crumbled,I'm worried about one day I won't be able to walk anymore,yeah I think I should drink the med regularly hehe, I don't want hyperthiroid to ruin my dreams

  • Btw what I meant by body pain is actually aching joints anywhere on my body like knee and joints on hands too

  • Hi Rina1212, my husband had thyroid problems from a young age so you know I have experience of the illness. Aching joints can be one of the symptoms, so can heart irregularities and weight problems. There's no reason why you can't lead a normal life and for fill any dreams you have, but treatment for this illness is life long I am afraid and it's important to keep control of the illness, symptoms usually signify thyroid imbalance. You need regular blood tests too to check the thyroid is balanced. There are many symptoms you can find them on most on line medical pages.Treatments can be as simple as taking drugs daily and routine tests. So don't worry just work with the medics to control the illness. Good luck and best wishes

  • Hi Rina1212, I also have hyperthyroidism and although some of the symptoms are familiar to me, a lot of them also sound like anxiety attacks and you are hyperventilating making you feel breathless. Hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety and this can go into overdrive sometimes. Like the others who have commented, you need to see your gp as soon as possible to get to the bottom of it. And take your meds young lady!! Libby x

  • Thank you libby7827, btw who is gp?sorry Idk what it stands for.I know this is kinda serious when you commented on my post ,Well since peeg replied me I told about it to my mom she was surprised and worried,she pass it to my dad,but my dad just told me that I just need some sleep,she just believed to what my dad said, I know he was a doctor but that was 28 years ago, and he wasn't a specialist doctor , how can I talk this over to my mom so she could get me to a specialist doctor *sigh*, I don't even think breathless has any connection to not enough sleep anyway (o.e!) I'll try to think of a way to talk about it again if something gets worse,&just hope with the medics

    Rin ^_^

  • Am sorry, gp stands for general practitioner in the UK, our local doctor. Is it not possible for you to go and see your family doctor, the one you usually go to? If you have hyperthyroidism is can be quite serious, mine thankfully seems to be mild and under control at the moment. Libby x

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