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Evening everyone.

Last week I called in the respiratory nurse because I felt so ill and have done since June, she examined me took a sputum sample which she said was light green and infected and got me started on AB's and steroids after a couple of days I started feeling better. This is the third time since having pneumonia I've been treated only to have the results come back clear, they've decided to extend my AB course because apparently clear sputum doesn't always mean no infection. The nurse came back today to check my blood gas last week it was 88 with 1/2lt oxygen today it was 94 without, she was amazed, she even checked with oxygen on to see what happened, nothing was the answer

Any ideas it all seem very strange, something's happening not quite sure what.

Kim xxxxxx

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  • No idea about what happened Kimmy but 94% on no oxygen sounds good to me! I'd be happy with that and not worry about what happened. It's in the past!

  • I am absolutely thrilled, but I know I'm going to start to feel ill again once the AB's and steroids are out my body. I'm hoping the consultant can throw some light on the subject when I see them.

    Kim xxxx

  • I've been taking Co amoxiclav they've stopped the steroids so we'll see if it's the AB's or steroids that make me feel better.

    Kim xxxxx

  • I think you will find it was the steroids that made you felt better as I found out in fact for a week and a half after I felt great

  • Yeah that's what I thought I've had AB's before and they never made me feel this good, just try and make the most of it I suppose.

    Kim xxxx

  • False negatives are a pain 'cos you just don't know what bugs you are dealing with. Hope the co amox does the trick for you Kim.

    love cx

  • Unfortunately many labs in hospitals do not have the ability to isolate certain bugs or to do the exacting sensitivity tests. This has been obvious to me since we lost the use and expertise of the research lab at the QE. Keep nagging till you get the right antibiotic.

  • Thanks to everyone. I'm going to nag I've got an appointment with a consultant 11th not mine she's away, I'm hoping he might suggest trying something different I don't have problems with my medications but something's not right.

    The nurse did suggest another PR so hopefully I can get back on track.

    Kim xxxxx

  • I was told by a doctor that Antibiotics are a poison so you may feel bad but that's the infection plus Antibiotics then the infection goes and you body recovers once the AB stop.

    I had an infection that changed daily a test in the morning showed a particular AB would work but by the afternoon the infection was no longer affected. I was known as the chest drain man and some months after coming out of hospital the Blood nurse asked why all the tests so I explained and she said "Oh your the Chest Drain Man" Fame I would rather not of had.

  • Hey steroids are fab I took them now for 14 months. Ask for clarithmarisin, its a super strength antibiotic. They can never hear my chest infections but usually find them in my phlegm. However i always cough up phlegm regardless of an infection or not, weird i know.

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