My Blue Badge. The story has an end!

Well I have had a great news today I am getting my Blue Badge!!!!

As some of you know I posted earlier that they were wanting me to do an assessment in January 20th 2014 before they would issue me another badge even though my old badge ran out in December 18th 2013. I Called the BB Team to ask if they could bring it forward so I would not be stuck in my house until then. To have a very nice lady call me back and go though a whole list of questions and commented on my shortness of breath while talking to her. She then closed with I will now need to speak to her supervisor to see what they think and will get back to me about moving the appointment forward.

Today I got a letter stating I will be getting my Blue badge in the next 10 days :) But nothing about the appointment?

So on the phone I go to speak to another nice person who managed to find me but nothing about the appointment with the assessor and then asked to call me back. Customer service manager for the Blue Badge team called me back and her first words were "Sorry" It transpires that I should never of had the letter in the first place and do not need to go. The stress this has caused for no real reason, is at least over for now :)

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  • Sometimes you wonder if Incompetence is now a required course at the colleges where they teach administrators.

  • John ! Brilliant comment ;-)

  • Good news offcut, but a shame about the stress you had to go through. I had an ESA application to fill in a couple of months ago, despite being signed off permanently over 5 years ago. I was worried to death and left it til the last minute to fill in. The brown envelope came yesterday and couldn't open it til evening,was so worried. No prob though, no need, am officially useless! What has annoyed me is that my official retirement age is only a year off, why target people like me when they should be targeting younger people with more questionable "illnesses" and a long working life left, instead of some old fogey like me with a progressive end stage disease? Enjoy the benefits of your blue badge! Sadie xx

  • I agree with you why should they target people with obvious illnesses why not go after those who are working 'off the books' or those who are avoiding work for other reasons, oh I could go on and on and on. Just after hubby was given his official diagnosis he received a letter from DWP about doing some work and then the letter went on to say that perhaps if he could not work then his partner ought to think of working in order to bring in income. I was absolutely livid as not only was I his main carer but I was also holding down a responsible full time position with a decent salary. I am sure you can imagine my written response, did we receive an apology, nope

  • We had the DWP state my wife's hours add up to over 100 hours a month but she only works 17 hours a week so on a 5 week month that is only 85 hours? With holidays etc. she does not work 52 weeks of the year either?

  • YEAH !!! XX

  • YAY!!!! Common sense finally prevails, but what a worry they put you through! :) x

  • Glad you have your blue badge but sorry to hear about the hassle.

    love cx

  • Never felt more like singing the blues ?


  • That's a nice Christmas present offcut, red tape sorted so your not left housebound because the paperwork does not tally. Enjoy the Christmas shopping

  • Even when I was fit I did not enjoy Christmas shopping! Come to that I do not enjoy shopping.

  • Take care to display it the right way around, or they will be only too keen to give you a ticket ! :-)

  • A couple of years ago I came back to my car that I had parked on a meter in Manchester for a warden by my car writing a ticket out. I explained that it states on the meter that blue badge holders park no limit no fee (sounds like a Bob Marley song) and the fact that it shows expired is not relevant. I showed him my badges displayed as required. For him to say "Well I have written it now!" I had pleasure in replying that is not my problem as you should be 100% sure that the ticket can be issued. I took his number and time it happened just in case and a passer by gave me his number if I needed a witness :) The funny thing was I was at the same place 6 months later and was walking back for that same warden seeing the red expired and moved towards the rear of my car, I was was ready for round 2 when he looked up saw me and you could see a light bulb moment, moved to the front saw the badge said good afternoon and walked on. :)

  • Nice one. Offcut !

    I mentioned it because when I was visiting my G.P. for my annual MOT, I parked up ( single yellow) and displayed the Blue Badge and Time Card but when I slammed the door the badge fell onto the dash and landed the wrong way up, unbeknown to me. I was halfway through the examination when I saw the warden writing a ticket through the window, went outside in my vest and explained what must have happened and asked if he wanted to examine the badge. However I got the same reaction as you did, received a fine and had to appeal to get it quashed. Never saw this one again though, hopefully he was sacked for his stupidity. :-)

  • Some are just complete jobsworths but to be fair I have met a lot of very nice traffic wardens.

  • Haven't been to a cemetery for some time !

  • Hi Offcut are ATOS dealing with blue badge now lol

  • They seem to be dealing with everything else

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