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Bronchial sepsis ARDS type 3 collagen changes in lung tissue and not forgetting serum type III procollagen peptide in asbestosis suffers

Bronchial sepsis ARDS type 3 collagen changes in lung tissue and not forgetting serum type III procollagen peptide in asbestosis suffers

Ad like to say somthing exciting BUT nope ..., things are looking grim on bronchial sepsis front.

Thay are defo going to have to get there finger out 31,000 die from sepsis or is it bronchial sepsis or even ARDS disease a year in uk more than any cancer.... ad ask my doctor but a think even thay dont know about sepsis disease .. even BLF are lacking on information

Is quite shocking makes me glad am suffering from un diagnosed asbestosis ... not that is any consolation but makes me feel better.

This post is not ment to shock its ment to prove a inportant fact as to my condion.

Ad like to think my lung doc had it about him but alass he's not as its not him coughing up lung tissue matrial i am but yep he says i have bronchial sepsis .. Well NO i have asbestos fibers sticking in my lungs causing never ending cycle of infection destruction as illostrated by my coughed up lung tissue that illustrats a fibroblast or type 3 collagen changes in lung tissue.

If thay what to get technical Basacliy precursor for inflammation fibrosis disease ILD or pulmary fibrosis .., but not like my lung doc would tel me but going of my lung docs cover is ass letter if am to believe is letter about me having chronic bronchial sepsis and now server hyperventilation syndrome or is that classed as ARDS I would be at stage 2 not like the honest with you ... or even replayed to my solicitors inquiry

But yep as long as i watch my blood pressure dont get to low for example 100/60 a should be ok.

Sorry about my rant but yep is bit longer than a rant and more anout a foot not cheers thanks :)

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Hard to read clicked the DL button but they want money :( I will go back to skwinting. Seeing my doc on Weds see what he is going to do about my exposure to asbestos.

Good luck for Wednesday Offcut. xxxx

Hi offcuts :) ... Give him a good shake .. yep you wil have get some answers like how thay let it get that bad.

But to be fair a think you doing ok quite a surviver offcuts .. A would ask the tell them there is like a element of time here but in a nice way

Cheers all the best

I think it is the fact I have multiple problems. But the strange thing was when my lungs collapsed and I was in ICU my heart was the only thing working correctly I went into MOF and it kept on ticking? It was only after "I got better?" It came back with a vengeance.

Ye said my heart was ok .. Good job really given carrie on with docs

Have told my lung doc must be 100 times yet he still talks about smoking no mention of asbestos fibers causing my infections

Even refused to do camera down the lung

So given my new diagnosis am shocked thay could even talk about stop giving me antibiotics

Hi Daz, you rant all you want as you have good reason too. You are being failed by the medical people who are supposed to be looking after you, or so it seems. Take care and stay strong. Good luck to you. xxxxx

Hi sassy59 cheers

Yes Daz, We are all behind you, Its good you are so positive, X

Hi junespoon to be honest a pretty pissed of my lung docs trying to cover is ass IIDB are taking total piss and Pip are f### bunch of hiding w### .. but on the hole a think a doing well as have not murderd any of them yet

Just piss me off the way thay want you to go work and when it makes you ill all there lining up to shit on ya

Anyway cheers thanks :)

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Hi Daz, keep on plugging, you need to get to the bottom of this although its hard to know what to pick since you have been given several different diagnosis, thinking..... does that mean you have all of them or is it the Idiopathic Lung Disease (idiopathic meaning they don't know what caused the problem)

I hope you are now able to get the anti-biotics when you need them to help clear infections.

Best wishes to you BC


Daz, your attitude and outlook is what will get you through. Keep on ranting and keep on at the medics. I think the problem is no-one really wants to look at anything different, they just want to give you a label. I also hope you get the antibiotics. Take good care, TADxx


Hi tadaw cheers thanks

Hi BC think you are spot on with ILD or Plumary Fibrosis .. Or could be Fibrosiing Disease.

Given latest letter and martial been coughing up the orange colour is my bodies inflammatory response destroying my lung tissue.

My other diagnosis yep are all relevant and bronchitiasas bit well thats treatment course thay follow thats how thay treat bronchial sepsis.

Yer my lung doc is just going threw the motions yet you cant make a square fit a round hole .. and thats my concern unless he starts taking on board what have been coughing up he will never find what is up with me let alone be able to treat.

Well unless am is little experiment .. To which there as to be some sort of benefit for me

Even when my asbestos solicitor wrote to my lung doc asking him to conferm if i had ILD or Pulmary Fibrosis

He just did not reply to my solicitor request .. i totally find shocking

You just keep ranting and fighting Daz. Wishing you all the best xxx

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Hi peeg cheers a dont think lung doc knows whats up with me .. Well tryed saying a was allergic to air LIKE really but nor could not be asbestos tho

So then said guna stop treating me

And that wonder why i go on so much .. will admit a never thought there would such a bad time to be ill

But yep am fighting to be ill under a better govermeant time.

If that makes sense :) cheers thanks

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