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Santa is walking around the square in town which has a clock tower ,

when someone asks him if he would like to buy the clock,

Santa agrees.

Give me a thousand pounds and I'll go and get the ladder, took the thousand pounds and off he went.

Having waited for several hours Santa reckons he has been made a fool of by the man.

On the next day Santa is again walking in the same square and the same man as

before again asks him if he would like to buy the clock.

''Give me a thousand pounds and I'll go get a ladder'',

Santa gives him another thousand pounds and says

''Oye, I am not a fool .This time you wait and I'll go get the ladder''



Rocking around the christmas tree......



Why are xmas trees like bad knitters?

They both drop their needles!




Give your local Breathe Easy a christmas present by supporting them,

Go along to join or phone BLF 03000 030 555 Mon -Fri 9am-5pm

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Another champion one :)

Everyone a winner Eh!! silversurfer

You hum it Kingy & I,ll play it LOL, sing indeed honestly, I think not!!! Hows the ribs fella??? I hope you are behaving young man???


The ribs are on the mend. I always behave!!!!! Sillywitch xxx

KOTC , carry on my dear boy you are doing a sterling job.. Berwick. LOL

Thanks Berwick.You take care

Anyone that thinks men are the equal of women has not seen a man trying to wrap a Christmas present. ha ha

trying to join in



What's a present?????? Ali

Hi Ali, in our house my hubby wraps the presents, he,s a perfectionist LOL, & I have to admit he,s much tidier than me :(


He sounds a bit like me.HEE HEE sillywitch

You may laugh Alison but who wraps all the presents. Think about it and you realise us men aren't as simple as we like you to think. lol

Bobby xxx

I'm rockin around the cat, will that do? :)

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Meow,meow,meow ,meow I can't quite get the tune scrobbity,I bet you make it sound good!

Nice one Richard. I hadn't come across that one before. Well done.


A little bit different,just for you Bobby

Always knew Santa was a fool because he never got me the train set that was on my list every year until my wife told me what I wanted for Christmas Ho Ho

A cracker x

LOL Thank you. Was Santa Blonde before he went grey - I wonder? xx

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