Monday morning again

Hope everyone had a good weekend, start of a new week but what an end to my old week. The heating clock on my central heating went haywire, the smoke alarms seem not to be ringing when testing although they are electric with new back up batteries in.,ITV transmission broke down,bedside clock went wrong,then to top it all some one telephoned maintaining there was some malicious software on my computer. Talk about things coming in Threes. And my DVD apparently switched itself on. The horrors of modern technology, either that or I've lost the plot. I've spent hours scanning my computer as a precaution, and several hours trying to get all the heating switch and other things back to normal not sure everything is right still. Just have to see how things go today.

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  • Its the time of year I think Katie, my gas hot water is on the blink, my digital recorder has always turned itself on (I think does it when it updates) my digi recorder is just not retrieving the programme guide, has n't been for over 2 weeks now, I've unplugged a;; amd rechecked the connections and still nothing. Plenty of room on the drive to record more but I can't select anything as it won't know what to select or for how long without the guide. Often I get weak digi signal on the tv. My skype microphone is not working on the head set I can hear them but they can't hear me. ho hum..... such is life :)

    So the digi recorder will stay unfixed, sent for new skype phone, gas man coming tomorrow, when digi switches itself on I just switch it off again (if I'm not needing it on), I can still watch the previously programmed films etc on the digi so that bit is working ok)

    Time for a tidy inside to get ready for some Christmas decs I think :)

    Knock out the satellites and we will all be without communication, what a thought, got plenty of knitting wool in ;)

    Oh happy days :)

    Hope you get all things fixed.

    Best wishes BC

  • My dishwasher broke so I had to revert to human resources (the wife)


  • Hey ho Katie but with luck and a following wind, hopefully all your woes will be over soon and leave you a clear path for a truly fabby Christmas. Also, the telephone call about your computer is a scam, they are after money - if it happens again just tell them you don't have a computer and put the phone down! :)

  • thanks for all the replies, well KOTC could not revert to human recourses as There's only me with dud hands but had a little titter at your resourcefulness. Yes scrobbity usually everything comes together with patience and perseverance. Realised the computer call was just a ploy to get money, but they always seem to ring at an awkward time don't they??? You might be right BC about it being the time of year, hope you get all yours sorted out, glad I'm not the only one with digis that switch themselves on. Ah well tomorrows another day, and far worse things happen at sea so they say.

  • Katie, I'm a bit concerned about the electric smoke alarms. We've just been told we are to have those fitted sometime soon! I sometimes think technology is getting its own back on us. When we set a recording for ITV1 on our digi-box, we sometimes get three!!! One for ITV1, one for ITV+1, and one for ITVHD!!!!

  • electric smoke alarms sound good but they still have to have back up batteries and if they go wrong you need an electrician to deal with it. They last for around ten years then the unit has to be changed . Mine is due for change in november2015 but looks like I may have to have it done before then. No idea what it will cost, last time the council did it free under the home safety grant.

  • Goodness Katie,can anything else happen? You are having a time with it!

    Do hope it all settles down soon for you,you can do without that,at least you can come here,& let off steam! Here's to better days ahead! xxx

  • it's not over yet woke at 6am to a bleep, bleep. Spent 1 and a half hours thinking it was smoke alarm again but no this time it was the carbon monoxide detector needed batteries changing. Keeps the mind active anyway. Hope you are well today.

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